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This is my little way of giving back to the forum after learning so much. For some of you this is not new information, I apologize, stop reading.

I see a lot of questions about pinterest here and what it does and how to generate traffic. I have generated traffic and I will show you how for those of you that don't know how pinterest works.

My first problem after receiving my invite to pinterest was where to find photos to pin with my website. I am sure that some of you probably thought the same thing. Yes, you can find some photos for free online or pay a small fee, but I circumvented this completely.

I downloaded GIMP but you can use any type of program that will allow you to produce a graphic or a slide, before GIMP is used microsoft paint.

After writing an article or a blog post, I create a basic slide graphic for the article. Think of an overview slide on a power point presentation. I have usually put the title of the article at the top and then two or three bullet points that summarize the whole article. Insert this image into the post and then you have something to pin on your board. This kind of pre-sells people on your article, if the bullet points are of interest they will hopefully repin, like or even click through to get the information on your site.

The second thing that I have done is to generate a slide with a creative, whitty phrase pertaining to your article. If you are capable of doing this and making it ENTERTAINING you will generate a lot of traffic. The only problem is you don't get to determine what is entertaining, that is completely up to the other users of pinterest. I thought I had some winners that no one liked or repinned and I also had some things that were so dumb and got repinned like crazy, your guess is as good as mine.

If you are looking to use pinterest this is a method that I have used to generate a little more traffic. I am not making claims on sales because pinterest hasn't generated any money for me, it is just some advice if you want to try and use it. Those of you that leveraged pinterest for some sales, i'm all ears.
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    I have started using Pinterest over the past couple of weeks just to see what would come of it. This information is helpful. Thanks for the great post.
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    Here's another tip: there's been some changes on Pinterest in the past couple of months (I can't recall exactly when though). Before, all of your pins were showing at the top of the category they belong to (make sure your boards are categorized by the way), but now, only the first one of the day will show up there. And of course, this is THE one that gets the best chances to be re-pinned virally.
    So when making your first pin of the day, be very careful, and choose it well! It's the first one that counts the most.

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    Great! I didn't know this so very helpful
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      Something I have been experimenting with is getting viral type images from places like imgur.com and finding an image that I can tie into my post. I have been using pinterest for a couple days now and have been getting a bit of activity on my page. Repins, comments, and likes.

      Another thing I do is put the link to my post in the description area. I put a call to action as well enticing people to click link.

      I also like to go to recent activity feed and see who is active on my pinterest boards and then return the activity on their boards. I will repin, comment, and like a couple of their pins.

      Hope this has added some new ideas to try out
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    Pinterest can be a source of traffic, but I think only those that can visualize their content can take advantage of this.
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      Iliana makes a great point.
      It has to be something that you can translate visually, which is why some things, be it physical products and digital products, whatever, it has to be something that can translate into some sort of visual media.

      Also, another thing to take note is the demographics of Pinterest. About 68% are women so you have to take that into consideration as to what you are going to market.

      There is a pretty cool infographic you can check out here on Mashable if anyone is interested.
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    It's certainly easier for some activities than others... For example, people selling real physical products usually have plenty or pictures or at the very least can create them.
    For the others... You need to be good at (or learn) graphics design and create all kinds of illustrations! Example I made today: https://pinterest.com/pin/251497960411318319/

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    That's very helpful, I still have not got around to looking at Pinterest properly but I think it is maybe time I should, thanks!
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    I have yet to try Pinterest but have heard so much about it. Thanks for the guide! I will surely check it out.

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    Great post mon. I think pinterest is great for gaining exposure. Still, the site is a bit green. Wonder when people will start to clamp down on B&W nudes that are so prevalent now. It is certainly NSFW anymore. This is a problem that is max. How they solve it very soon.
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    Just started with Pinterest. Thanks for the info!
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