JVs: How to gracefully handle it when they don't email as promised?

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One challenge I've run into, when doing various jv promo campaigns, is that sometimes jv partners don't email (or do partial emails) as they promise they would.

Any ideas on how to handle that gracefully? I do 2 things, though I still run into the occasional person who "says they're going to email, but doesn't":

1) I do tell people ahead of time, that I'm considering working with (for example for jv webinars, co-promoted to both peoples' lists), that I have anonymous 'seed' emails opted in ahead of time, which I do, to verify compliance.

2) Making it as appealing as possible to their self-interest for "reasons why" to email, such as commisshes for all sales, helps.

any other ideas? mostly if someone says they'll email but doesn't, I just don't work with them anymore, as there's plenty of people who want to work together. Trying to figure out how to prevent the fail-to-email-as-promised issue. I've had that happen in seminars, product launches, jv webinars, you name it; sometimes people say they will do something, but don't honor their promises. Whenever I say I'll email, I do, 100% of the time and always have. But not everyone else is like that.


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    Originally Posted by kencalhn View Post

    How to gracefully handle it when they don't email as promised?
    I think the words you're looking for are the fairly standard "You utterly despicable, malicious, untrustworthy, thoroughly reprehensible scumbag", aren't they?

    Oh wait, "gracefully"? Sorry. Damn, there's always a catch ...
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