How important is forum traffic?

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In terms of targeted traffic, do you think that forum traffic is good?
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    Forum traffic is just one avenue for traffic. Its not the end all be all method. But it is definitely one of my traffic venues.
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    I also believe it's pretty much up to the niche.
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    Depends on the forum itself, also.
    If they are coming to your site just to spy on your activities, what's the worth?
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      depends on the niche, depends on the forum, depends on how you present the site to the forum
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    It's (generally) better and more targeted than a ton of other traffic sources out there.
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    Forum traffic can be laborious to generate, but in my experience is very targeted and well worth it for various things. Other things maybe not.

    If you are willing to put in the time or pay someone else to do it, I think it's very viable.

    With scale, it's a bonafide solid traffic source in and of itself.

    You Are Not Your Thoughts
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    You can also get great honest feedback!
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  • If it's the right forum in your niche it's good. Needs to be targeted to your niche.

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    depends on how well you write your ad, how well the forum places their paid banners and how well your offer is targeted to the market your advertising in.

    I get traffic from hundreds of different forums and this is the only one I ever post in.
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    The biggest spike in traffic I ever received was when one of my Amazon product review sites was mentioned in a woodworking forum.

    Some woodworking guy had visited my site and mentioned it in a reply to a forum post by someone looking for a particular piece of woodworking equipment. Apparently a lot of people reading that forum thread checked out my site.

    It was a brief spike but it showed me that forum posts are powerful.
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    If they are on the same niche it should be pretty relevant and targeted traffic.
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    Originally Posted by MakingMoneyPoint View Post

    In terms of targeted traffic, do you think that forum traffic is good?
    It's one way to get traffic, and when executed properly, it converts into sales. There are times when I have gotten 30 or 40 hits a day just from forum traffic. You just need to make sure that you are providing value in forums that pertain to your niche and offer products that actually help people. The only thing that could potentially be seen as a down side is that, due to the nature of forums, you have to remain constantly involved in order to get continuous traffic.

    Good luck,
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    Forum "traffic" is pretty terrible.

    But, the real people that you can
    connect with before sending them
    to your sites and offers, that is

    The bartender says: "We don't serve faster-than-light particles here."

    ...A tachyon enters a bar.

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    I would say that Forum traffic is probably a better form of traffic since most people at a forum that leave to goto another site are doing so based on a link recommendation from another member. Conversion wise forum traffic ranks pretty high.
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      It's a very targeted and trusted form of traffic. But don't think you will make a consistent living online overnight. it may take a couple months to make money with forum traffic. And always remember to provide value to the forum I cannot stress that enough!
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    I think you cannot get much more targeted than a forum for traffic.

    Its like dripping blood from a dead carcass infront of a shark, they are hungry and ready to bite.

    If you offer is sweet, and a no brainer expect to do well. But it might come with a little bit of testing first. Target the biggest and highest traffic forums first.
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    forum traffic can be good if people take your link and put it inside and people start talking about your site. worthless if you just spam the forum.
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    We buy from those we know, like, and trust. ...and respect! Forum members have the opportunity to demonstrate these qualities. So, when someone from the Warrior Forum visits my blog, all I can say is "welcome."
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    I definitely made sales via forum traffic.

    The pros of forum traffic:

    - it can come very fast
    - it is pretty targeted
    - it can go viral if forum posters go back and talk about your site/offer
    - it's free
    - it can build authority...leading to more traffic when you're the "go-to" guy


    - you have to keep posting to keep getting traffic, as the traffic can spike but not last
    - if you're not careful, it can also ruin a reputation, leading to less traffic...Be nice and helpful
    - it can take a lot of time if you're getting involved in discussions

    Just a few points really, but I should make it more part of marketing, as it does work!
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    Forum traffic is only a small portion of our traffic.

    we can't say it's not important. But compared with other venues of traffic, like social media, search engine and ads, it seems that forum is in decline.
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    Forum traffic is great to get you started. Your guaranteed to get targeted visitors who will have an interest in your site.

    It should just be part of your overall traffic strategy and not your sole avenue. It's also useful because by participating in forums you'll get to network with people and build up an online presence.
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      Hi there,

      I agree. If you want to speak in general terms forum traffic is more targeted. BUT this also depends on the situation and how you get the forum traffic.

      If you want forum traffic you can get really HIGHLY targeted traffic of high quality if you create the right post and signature.

      Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

      Good luck
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    Forum traffic should not be underestimated. If you can bring your site on the forum in a way that it attracts users interest, you have a great source of traffic (with great quality)... You'll be amazed what a signature or some posts where you squeeze in your website url can do...
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    I agree with warezQQ up above.

    Forum traffic can be massive! I've had days when someone said a few kind words about one of my reports, and I must have had 50 signups for it in a matter of a few hours.

    And as Noel says further up, it's one part of what should be an overall traffic plan.
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    I really reckon that it's foru m embers to decide by themselves :-)
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    OF course forum traffic is good!

    Forums are a place with very specific niches. Now if you come in WF and try to get people for your amazon cooking pans affiliate site then... you are doing it wrong!
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    Forums can provide good traffic and a steady flow if you're active, given that they are in the same niche that your site is in. I get pretty decent traffic just by replying to threads, granted that they are relevant to the topic.
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    I agree with all of you!

    Forum traffic is really very helpful in selling your products and services you are offering in your signature.

    Apart from this, it would also help in building links to your site and it is given more value than others as signature is given values from search engines.

    Moreover, if your signature is receiving clicks in relevant forum then it is more SEO friendly and would help in gaining higher ranking in search engines.
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      Originally Posted by SamDermot View Post

      I agree with all of you!

      Really? Because I actually spoke out against
      what everyone else is saying in this thread.

      Originally Posted by MikeTucker View Post

      Forum "traffic" is pretty terrible.

      But, the real people that you can
      connect with before sending them
      to your sites and offers, that is

      And I have actually spoken out
      fiercely against forum signature
      marketing and forum posting

      The bartender says: "We don't serve faster-than-light particles here."

      ...A tachyon enters a bar.

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      • Forum traffic is usually targeted traffic. If people find your posts interesting, they click on the links in your signature. Each reader is a potential customer. The more valuable your posts are, the more people will visit your site.
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    It depends on the quality of the forum and it's members. If you got a big community like WF for example, forum traffic is certainly a key aspect in generating traffic for Internet marketing related products. Hence, all our beautifull signatures

    Also look at Sam Dermot's signature, some forum marketing in action. His signature matches the thread and beautifully talks about his signature without mentioning his own at all
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    its more work as you need to be a reputable member before you start getting traffic because if your just new then your threads are going to be deleted most of the time as they see it as spam
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