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Hello, This is my first post here. I am going to start a new business which will be Web Service based. Services like Web Designing, Web Developing and complete SEO will be provided. But I can't fix a appropriate name for my business. Can anyone help me to choose the best one?

[Note : Name can be business related or unique]
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    Hey there
    I had this problem a while back and went through a long list of names and couldn't come to a decision at all. In the end I found myself looking out my office window and the coconut palms...and so it was decided! SeoCoconuts was born!
    It's a ridiculous name really but I went with it and actually find a lot of my repeat clients typing the name in the search engine to get to me.
    I think you should go for something unique as well. Maybe something that rolls off the tongue - Netnerds, WebHedz etc etc- Those name are probably taken and just an example....I guess it all depends on the type of clients you want to approach as well.
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    I recommend choosing a name that has your services in the business name, so you can have a keyword rich domain name, that is if available. If you are staying local, than use the locale in your name as well.
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    Maybe you can browse different languages and just plop something out. I have personally discovered a lot of these unique names in my spare time. It's fun and you really do get to see interesting pronunciations.
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    Try combined your pen name, plus your town maybe, or your childhood name.
    Feel that if you call that name, you can feel the success of your own.
    Ahh..that's it.
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    Thank you all for your suggestion and advice.
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