One more Newbie, my first success in IM, thanks

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Hi warriors,

have been silently going through all important threads in this forum and i enjoyed reading them. it is almost six months and have not signed up for the forum as I was fearing whether I will succeed. taking cues from some suggestions given to many newbies here, I signed up with clickbank and promoted a weight loss product. i created a free weebly site and took a domain and pointed the name server to weebly. later i paid $10 and advertised in clixsense ppc. posted 3 ads in classified ads suggested by a warrior here in one of the threads. you know what, i got my first sale and my clickbank is showing commission earned in my account. i am so excited with this first sale that it prompted to quickly sign up in WF and i am here thanking you all. The commission earned is $50.25. Just couldn't believe my eyes.

remember, I have not written any content nor did i put in any effort to drive traffic free to my site other than what was stated above. i have gone through people who have struggled for over 2 years and still not seen money but how come i could see this ? is this a reality ? can this happen ? or is it just a stroke a luck for me.

but whatever it is, the credit of my earning goes to Warriors here. Thanks a ton. I am off now to more ad postings and will start creating an article and submit. lots of work to do... oh ! am getting excited. thanks again and see you soon hopefully with more success stories ...
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    good job..keep going...reinvest that money into making your own site
    They Say You Can't...Show Them How
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    You don't need to have content if you you send paid traffic to your sight (which only needs to be a squeeze page).

    Did you ever consider using CPV traffic, it is less expensive than PPC traffic. I highly recommend it.
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    Great stuff. Just like the above said, reinvest your earnings to improve your income. Use your profit to make more profit.
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    You've done really well.

    It is always good to hear success stories.

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    Love reading these type of success stories!! So keep on going until you generate that into a full-time income (and then some!)

    Congrats again!
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    Great to hear someone actually do what every newbie should do:

    1. Research

    2. Pinpoint ONE area of interest

    3. Plan of action


    Well done.
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    Inspiring. I love these success stories, especially from newbies. I proves it can be can be done without spending much money at all.
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    Hi Anusha, it's good to see that you made your first sales.
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    Originally Posted by anusha8519 View Post

    Hi warriors,

    have been silently going through all important threads in this forum and i enjoyed reading them. it is almost six months and have not signed up for the forum as I was fearing whether I will succeed.
    Hey, Good job man!

    Don't ever be scared, be confident and positive! No one is scared to make money. Now take that 50 bucks and turn into $1000.
    "Stop thinking! and just DO!"

    FBAFORUMS.COM - Grow your FBA Business
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    Congrats and Keep it up!
    Let me and my digital marketing agency help you to growth your sales and scaleup your digital business with affordable Warriors Price - Let's Talk by Skype
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      Hi this is Alexandra Daddario and i am a newbie here in the forum..
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    I also got my first clickbank sale with free methods. I really liked that moment(almost jumped out of bed). Congrats,now make it large.
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    Very cool!

    I would highly recommend investing that money into an autoresponder like Aweber. Try to build a list in the weight loss niche.

    Since losing weight is hard, people will often buy multiple weight loss products to try to find the magic bullet, aka the best one for them.
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    Hi Anusha,

    Your post is really inspiring. thanks for sharing.
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    Congrats buddy

    Happy for you, Now I would consider to re-invest those $50 back in advertising or even hiring a ghost writer to write some articles for you.
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      Good job keep it up

      Love hearing these type of stories
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      Congratulations and great job. It feels great to get that first check doesn't it? Now turn it around and use it to make even more money.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    Congrates, This is pretty motivational story to newbies...

    Now you can invest $50 and make more money from it. Drive more traffic to your site, get more sales & commissions.
    For TOP Ranks in Search Engines - Hire skilled expert in SEO. Check expanded services to Cheltenham
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    Congratulations!!! It's the best feeling in the world!!!! Cheers to you and your continued success on-line!
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    Of Course well done with your first sale. I agree that creating an asset is important (i.e building a list) so you can build the value to your customers and sell more products

    Keep it going
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    Good for you, just goes to show what can happen when you take a chance and just got for it!
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    Yey Good Job! Congratulations!
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    I make my living from clickbank, and I have been where you are. I remember earning and receiving my first CB check and I did backflips. That was for like $70 USD

    Nowadays I get depressed if my monthly check are 4 figures LOL. ha ha. well u know.

    But when you have a good offer and lots of targeted traffic you can kill it with clickbank. It was john reese (IM guru) that said you just do more of the things that work and less of what does. Simple really, so just keep testing and tracking small scale...and if you find something that works go ALL OUT BABY! yeah!

    Great work, now keep up the hard work and it will pay you out very well.
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