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I'm looking to buy a new .com today. Are there any good coupons out at the moment?

I've tried a couple I had and they are all expired I guess.
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    Hi Seatbelt99,
    I have had success by calling them on the phone and asking for a discount...you might try that.
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    You can try to googling... "GoDaddy coupon"
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    Two days ago I did a google search for godaddy discount codes and found one that gave 10% of my .com domain name
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    You should do the same, just search for the latest discount coupon in Google.
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    Hey seatbelt, check out Godaddy Coupon May 2012 :: Godaddy Promo Codes "not my site" I was looking into buying another domain aswell, and camera across this....
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    Yeah I've got my personal coupon that gives me a good 25% discount. PM me so that I can sort it out in my email.
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    Have you tried their Facebook Page? Live Godaddy Promo Codes | Facebook

    You can also just type "Godaddy Coupons" in google and click on the godaddy ads to get a discount. You're making this way too tough! Just push the EASY Button!

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    Thats where I get mine coupons: Godaddy coupons there is plenty of them.
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