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How do you become a affiliate of a wso that you want to promote?
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    The answer depends on what payment/affiliate platform the WSO creator is using (and if she/he even has an affiliate program installed). So, talk to the person running the WSO, because only he/she can give you a definitive answer.
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    The first thing you need to do is contact the product owner, and ask them to approve you as an affiliate of their's, usually they will respond with a bunch of questions as far as your traffic generation strategies that you will be using to promote their stuff. Savy product owners care a lot about EPC's, that's why screening interested affiliates before a selection is made is an important role. So if want to get approved,at least be prepared to answer some questions.
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    You an also go direct to the source and just email the owner and ask them where you can sign up to be an affiliate.
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    Speaking from a vendors perspective:

    1) Become more active on the Forum - Most WSO vendors are going to gauge whether they want you as an affiliate, or not, based at least somewhat on your activity on this forum. You may have difficulty even contacting them if you don't have an email address, since you haven't participated enough to be able to PM.

    2) When the vendor asks you how you plan to promote their product, please don't try to make your self sound more capable than you are. If you don't know what you're talking about you'll almost certainly be denied.

    3) Tell them honestly how many clicks or sales you think you can send. You may not know, that's OK, say so. If someone told me honestly, "I have a list of 20 people and I'd be happy if I get one sale", I would probably approve them on the spot AND have a chat with them about ideas to grow their list. Sadly, most people won't do that.

    4) Have a real interest in their product. I know I'm always pleased when a customer comes to me and says, "I loved your product and would like to promote it". Buy it... this is also a great way to get their email address and begin the conversation.

    Once you actually make contact with the vendor, most are very happy to help you get set up to promote.

    I hope this helps you.

    Michael D. Forbes
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