Do You Use Business Cards???

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Do you have real business cards and do you hand them out whenever the opportunity arises?
If not, you can be easily leaving good opportunities to other people.
Last December I went to my 30 year high school reunion.
I got my first batch of business cards done because I thought it would be a good opportunity to network.
I handed out quite a lot and I don't remember all the people I gave them to.
Anyway, earlier this week I received an email from a lady who is an administrator at a school near where I live.
Their previous proofreader isn't doing it anymore and she needed a quote to do approx 1000 pages of comments from teachers for school reports.
I gave her a quote and I won the job.
If I do a good job ( and I will) I will do it twice a year.

She did not remember where she got my card from but I asked on Facebook who was connected to that school and it happens that one of my old high school friends now teaches there and put my card on their noticeboard.

So, we learn a good lesson. Never miss an opportunity to advertise because you never know what it may bring.
As a result of that I may also be getting more work form them and other schools. It is good money and relatively easy work...just a LOT of it.
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    Well said Lawrence, yeah actually we do use business cards, and we not only include our names, phone number and email, we actually have our business URL and social media Id's printed on the back of each card.

    Well done!

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    Great posts! I always have business cards handy because you never know who you might run into.
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      Most certainly yes.

      Living as I do on the road, I meet all kinds of rather interesting people daily from all around the world. A quite electic bunch of characters. And invaribaly I'm asked often, what do I do for a living, how do I fund myself whilst traveling around Europe in my stealth camper van?

      Which naturally brings up the subject of copywriting (which actually I don't mention so much - too confusing) I simply refer to myself as an individual who helps other business owners with their marketing and advertising. It's much simpler to explain.

      At the end of these conversations I often will give the person I'm chatting with my business card which has often led to opportunities to provide said individual or a contact of his or hers with my copywriting / marketing expertise.

      No fancy graphics on it. It just say's who I am and this is what I do and here is how to get hold of me via one of these options.


      Mark Andrews
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    Yes we hand out real business cards to potential customers and I include a couple with each order we fill and ship.

    ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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    I have my website, email, contact numbers and a brief list of what I offer.
    It's nothing fancy but it gets the job done.
    and in this case it is really paying off with a nice fat fee and hopefully on an ongoing basis too which is even better.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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  • Yup. Business cards, magnets and tshirts...

    PM Me Now!

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    my signatures are like my virtual business cards lol
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    I use business in the signature in every email i sent.
    That's better.
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    Business cards are costly... An alternative that I like is an electronic business card that I send as text to the person whom I just met... I get to know his number and I get to send him my business card that he can save in his phone...
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    I think the people who are talking about ebusiness cards and signatures are missing the point. You can get cheap cards through Vista Print.
    I got 500 for under $10. Just one of those cards is going to earn me in excess of $3000 this year alone. You can't pin an electronic card on a notice board "in case it is needed."
    I also use various forms of ecards and signatures but the real thing definitely has made me money and so that is why I recommend it.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    I use business cards much. It's a good idea to carry sufficient business cards to meetings with customers and to events like seminars and conferences. Who knows where opportunity knocks. So, having cards in your wallet, and replenishing them often, also helps!

    I list my key services, with a larger font size, on the card. Other elements, such as the address are printed with a smaller size to allow sufficient space for the main info.
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      Thumbs up for business cards. But you have to get quality cards so for me the Vistaprint cards don't cut it (too flimsy). Moo cards are great and don't cost the earth. Print shops will also run you a batch of business cards on good grade card for a very reasonable price.

      For all the ebusiness card people is great too - its an app that allows you to 'bump' your iPhone/Android to someone else's and instantly exchange contact details. It works cross platform too. I posted about it here:
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        Of course, I always have some with me and use them if seems to fit.

        I started my offline business in 1990. Quickly learned the importance of distributing my business cards. My advertising costs splitted between newspaper ads, radio commercials, car stickers, leaflets and business cards.

        The last was the cheapest method.

        I distributed my business cards at chamber meetings, exhibitions, billboard of supermarkets and where I bought something for our activity. Besides I gave them to all of services my family used; car mechanic, gas station, grocery, hairdresser, and such.

        For example, I received one of my serious order after a basketball match, because I left 50 pieces of my business cards at the bar entrance of the arena.

        Follow-up to the customer was a must. After a time the order was completed, I asked the client how s/he was satisfied with our work. Next question was: Which of your friend can we help to?

        This is one of the elements of mouth advertising. Worked great, thanks to the satisfied customers. As a result of that my advertisig cost reduced drastically.

        So, it is true that we're living in an IT era, but please, do not underestimate the importance of using your business card.

        All the best,


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