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I recently purchased two PageRank-2 domains from Godaddy and within a week the domains are PR0. It doesn't matter as they were cheap and I was just testing my luck. But why did they lose the PR? They certainly didn't lose any backlinks as I can still see about 800 websites linking to them. I'm pretty sure it's because I moved them to a different host/server.

Whatever the reason, Google knows they are with a different owner and I'm assuming they want the new owner to start fresh. This got me thinking, can you really buy a long term business from Flippa and keep the rankings and SERP? Have you lost rankings with a Flippa purchase? Do you try to keep them on the same server?

I'm thinking of Buying a $0000 website from Flippa but the site relies heavily on SEO and it's current trust of PR3.

Love to hear your thoughts..

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    To my understanding, as long as the domain registrar remains the same, all the age, page rank and everything else should remain the same. And yes, you can buy a fully done business from Flippa, but expect to dish out some money for the good ones.
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    be careful as some pr are fake. Search up the forums on how to detect them etc.
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    If it is money you can afford to lose then why not take a punt? It could end up a winner.
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    Did you buy domains or websites? If domains only, they pretty much always lose PR. It also could have been fake PR. A lot of that going around.

    As far as buying a site on Flippa for any kind of real money that relies on SEO for traffic, I wouldn't touch it. People are going to be dumping their Penguin bit sites big time on Flippa now.
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