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Would it be worth emailing the owners of some very successful youtube videos (that don't have links in their descriptions) and offer to pay them $x to put a link to your site/blog in it?

Say a video has 100,000 views, and its statistics show that it it still growing.

Would it be worth offering $25 for a prominent link in the description?
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    You could try it, although that technique has been very heavily used, so you may have to send out a lot of requests before you get a positive response.
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    The only way to truly answer the question is to test it, I have heard of people buying entire YouTube accounts and buying advertisements to leverage page views. But the only way to see if it will work is to split-test it.

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    What do you think would be a reasonable price to offer? (For a single video's description)
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    I saw someone selling a product for 1000 dollars using that strategy last year.

    Don't how effective it was..

    I know tube toolbox is 9.95 per month...
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      Originally Posted by rickhodge View Post

      I know tube toolbox is 9.95 per month...
      Tube Toolbox? Use it for what?:p

      Simply search for a video. For example "HP CoolPC XXX", find a video of that product that have been viewed a lot and then contact the owner via the message function!
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    I've tried it by myself. One day I think I contacted nearly 100 Youtube accounts, but no one, and I mean no one replied to my messages.. I wrote the messages very personal and offered them a good price, but no response..

    But you can fine try! I also know a few who have made it. But I don't know why I hasn't..
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    Any price suggestions?
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    I've done this many times for clients....

    typical price is $10-$15 per month for a YT video that has 100-500k views.

    Health and Fitness niche Affiliate Program | High CTR/EPC | Personal Account Manager 24/7 support

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