Giant Red Letter Headlines?

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I am new am curious how well those headlines actually work? Because to me they annoy the crap out of me and if I go to a page with them I might read the content but am hardly ever sold on the giant letters, colors, or underlines.

Honestly it reminds me of the loose weight quick ads that bold how many lbs one person lost with the asterisks that says results are not typical. Do the Gurus use those tactics also? Or are they able to generate their money based mostly on content and not on the flash of the page? Does that question even make sense?
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    Large bold colored lettering and whacky fonts work.
    I don't know why, they just do :confused:
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    I don't know how many replies you'll get for this question - along with "Do long sales letters work?" and "Can Open Office really make pdfs?" it's a fairly standard one. But having said that, it is a valid question.

    There's loads of reasons for their use, but to put it simply - they work. They've been tested and they work. The copy has to be good - that's an understatement!

    But the important thing is, don't take mine or anyone else's word for it. If you can, test it for yourself. Your niche might hate it as much as you do.

    And keep asking the questions, no matter how dumb you may think they are. We should all keep asking those questions - just because it's been done that way in the past doesn't necessarily mean it's right for the future.

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        I am guilty of the big red headlines.

        As it has been said before test and see if it works.

        I have and it works for me.

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          Don Alm! Welcome to the Warriors. Geeze, I use to read everything you wrote over at those other forums but I left them a while back because of the bickering.

          Hey for any of you folks who don't know who Don is you should check out his sites.
          Don't let the pic in the p.j. s fool you he's a marketing genius.

          I'll bet Don has created more money-making programs than most people have even tried.

          Wow Don nice to have you here
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            Red does appear to be attention grabbing for headlines in Internet marketing, it has been proved in tests time after time. I've just experimented with an "off red" headline, close to a shade of brown. It's not doing too well, so I'm going to change to red, to see if it's the color or just a poor headline.

            I am new am curious how well those headlines actually work? Because to me they annoy the crap out of me and if I go to a page with them I might read the content but am hardly ever sold on the giant letters, colors, or underlines.
            I think the first three words say it all "I am new". Don't worry, you'll soon get used to it. People get conditioned to things that work, when they see them often enough.

            Take the 7 in Internet marketing: Only $9.97, or $97. The 7 works because we are conditioned to seeing it in Internet marketing. Off line in the UK the magic number is 9. Virtually every price ends in a 9. If it doesn't, we don't buy, because we are conditioned to expect it.

            Jeff Henshaw.
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              In the mail-order business it has been known for over 20 years that you should always include the color red on your order reply form.

              It could be something as simple as the "Act Now" phrase or even just having a red border.

              It had to be on your order form though to really see results.

              I asked in the copywriting forum a few months back about the different shades of red in the website headlines and from the responses I got it does seem to make a difference.

              Of course, the old mail-order masters would tell you to TEST. Do a split test with two different sales pages.

              Don't change anything on the page except for the color! Then, look at your results and see for yourself.

              I think I still have an old split testing script if you are really serious about testing your page.

              If you are going to test, I would suggest you might as well go all the way and work your whole page.

              Start with the Headline ( here is a link to a headline analyzer tool Advanced Marketing Institute - Headline Analyzer

              But that should just be used to help you out a little. You still need to do your own split test on whatever words you are using.

              Remember to ony work on one section of your letter / page at a time.

              Headline, Intro, Bullet Points, Testimonials, Call To Action, Guarantee, Order Form, p.s Field

              Yeah, sounds like a lot of work and it is that's why people don't bother with it but when you put the work in and get a winner page it can be worth a fortune to you.

              As Allen Says wrote in "The Secrets of An Internet Marketing Warrior"

              "If you can write great copy you will never have to work again".
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