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Hi Warriors!

I've been a lurker for way too long and wanted to get "out" there!

I was hoping for some replies on a nagging question I have had for sometime. I am now ready to take the next step and get some of your opinions....if I can be so bold to ask.

I've been working as a VA for about the last 9 years, here is in US. I have a love of IM, and would love to break into the business, however time and other limitations have put this off. My VA business is going well, and has been strong for quite some time, but I thought that maybe it's time to segway my services into something more on the IM end and cater more services to Internet Marketers.

Now...hear me out
ETA: Let me clarify...I was curious as to what tasks an IM would hire a VA for specifically, or what type of skill set.

I would like to know what the top three things you feel are essential for your VA to do as far as tasks go. Squeeze pages? Customer Service? Article Writing?

I understand that this is truly a competitive market, seeing as there is often mention of hiring overseas, however any input you would care to share would be appreciated!

Thanks again for your help,

Kitchen Table Warrior (Kris)
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    I'd say you first concentrate on building a good targeted list for your business (squeeze page). This is because it will go a long way to push up your success rate and generally increase the speed at which you achieve your goals.

    Remember, one thing at a time is always best..

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    What you might want to do is follow some of the VA job offerings on Odesk and see what some of the most common requests have been. I know data entry is a big one, but it sounds like you want to focus on some more creative tasks, and I think that is smart because you'll have higher paying skills.
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      Hey Kris

      Good for you for stepping out. I can't afford a VA just now (boo hiss) but IF I could here are the things I would outsource:

      • Content writing (would need to be top draw as I'm a fussy bugger).
      • Social media management (fb, Twitter, LI, Pinterest etc) - I know we have things like Hootsuite, but it can't do everything.
      • Video & podcast creation
      • Social bookmarking
      • Forum posting & blog commenting
      That's about it.

      Wishing you well with your future venture.

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        A few of the skills that I think are good for an IM VA to have are:
        • Wordpress knowledge - how to set up WP, install plugins, make various updates as needed to my sites, etc
        • Squeeze page creation - there are many software applications you can use to easily create software, so I'd just want to make sure my VA knows how to use them
        • Excellent researcher
        • A good writer is a plus
        • At the very least basic SEO knowledge so that he/she can understand and implement an SEO plan of action

        I've used VAs for over 5 years, and the ones I've had the most success with also excelled in communication and reliability. Those two things can make or break a good VA relationship.

        Best of luck Kris!
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