Anyone else working today?

by willay
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Hey guys,

Anyone else staying in today/ tonight working on business like me? Its hard for me to stay in on a Saturday night and not go party especially when I see posts about it on facebook! I got started on a new mind map for my business so far today and am working on making an updated blueprint for my business. Also determining what new product I'm going to make to give away for free and exactly how I'm going to restructure my autoresponder sequence.

Anyways just thought I would give a shout out and see if anyone else is working today.

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    A very similar topic came up last Sunday. I'm also working today, and happy to do so, it's something I love
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    You know what, I feel Saturday is very good day for working, I enjoy Friday.. basically I start my work on Saturday, cause I feel good..
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  • I work every day.

    PM Me Now!

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    Yep I'm working today as well and I find it easier to do this than working for someone else

    Good to see other people are doing the same - cheers
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    Money never sleeps!
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      Originally Posted by klikeras7 View Post

      Money never sleeps!
      Completely agree with you on that one!
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    Yes, i am!
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    this is the only time for me to work on my on line projects. In fact I work only few hours, 2 hours on Tuesday evening, 2 hours Thursday evening and then Saturday night. Have a full time job apart from on line projects.
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      I love getting work done on Saturday! I find I can get more done without all the interruptions that occur during the weekdays (phone calls, a lot of emails, client meetings).

      It almost feels like a bonus day for me to get a jump start on next week or catch up on things from the week ending. Although I make sure I maintain a healthy balance of family time during the weekends too.
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    Yeap, why not I like what I do.
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    Yes, I've been working today, finishing up a website for a client mostly so I can spend the next few days flat out on my own sites. I pretty much work every day, on and off. I love it.
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    Whwn you are old, going out on a Saturday night is not a big deal
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    I work pretty much every day...some days more than others.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
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    Hi @Willay,

    In the beginning, anything worth while can take a bit of sacrifice. Hang in there, and as long as you're passionate and diligent about what you are doing then I'm sure you'll do well.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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