Turning Point in IM Career

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What has been the turning point in your IM career which you think contributed to your success? This may be the time when you felt that you can succeed with IM.
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    My turning point was few months ago, Now i believe that IM is my final career.
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    When Panda and the Big G updates kept hitting my sites,

    And then always felt nervous, anxious, panic, frustrated, thinking to quit, family pressuring to quit,

    And one day suddenly became super determined to beat the Big G and Panda,

    And then fully plunked up the courage and completely knocked down the little Panda after many testing, trials and failures (the Big G is impossible to totally beat down thou),

    And once again prove to them how an online passive income is earning more than their day job earning, And more friends began to envy,

    And nothing to be afraid of anymore, and we are all happy, and positive forever!
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    It might sound like a cliche, but the turning point for me was when I started taking action.

    All the reading, researching, learning means nothing unless put into practice.

    I realized that actually doing something is whole different game than just comfortably "learning" about it.

    Unless everybody makes that step nothing in the world can help them.
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    The turning point was when I realized how much more important it is to provide than to get back. You can only get back something (in a sustainable way) if you are ready to put in work to give something to the community first. Start by giving before expecting - once I understood this concept, things seemed to make a lot of sense.
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    Simple - getting out there and doin it!!!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    When I started focusing and taking action.
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    my turning point was when i started making some money (...off my list, through forums and social marketing) which gave me a lot of boost in confidence
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    My big turning point was finally getting some good advice from a respected mentor...and spending money on some quality coaching. Once i had that help and followed the advice it all fell into place...Oh...don't forget to take action on what you are told though...!!!

    There is more information and some great FREE stuff over at http://www.allandevlin.com
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    For me it was when I relaxed a hell of a lot more and ignored those feelings of desperation that can sometimes overwhelm us.
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    Finally realising that instead of trying to knock out MFA rubbish I should leverage my 15 years programming experience and build a membership site that is just awesome.
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