Optimal Social Media Icons Placement

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Anybody has tested the optimal placement for Social Media Icons so that users can share your content?

There are a couple of positions, such as after post title, end of post, floating on the side etc., that I can think of. Please share your experiences.
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    After post title, centered under post title, and/or centered at the end of the post have worked best for me.
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    I have had pretty good success with ShareBar (that is if you are currently using WordPress).

    It is a really nifty plugin; it 'floats' along the side of your post so it never disappears while our visitor is scrolling. I have witnessed a marked increase in social sharing when using it.
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    Thanks warriors ... Cool, will try to implement them and see what happens.
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    Below the end of the post. People could share it if it is valuable or worst. If they read it, they would know the content. If they know the content, they might share it. If they read it then they're probably at the end or near the end of the post.
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