How would you finish this sentence?

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Tomorrow, I plan to begin my cold calling campaign for my offline biz. I'm working on my opening line per Ari Galper's methods.

He suggests to use this as your opening line:
"I'm just giving you a call to see if you'd be open to some different ideas on how ___________________________"

Then, you basically fill in the blank to be relevent to your business. My business is selling online services (websites, autoresponders, seo, etc.) to local offline businesses.

I was thinking of finishing the pitch with "...on how you can make your website more profitable." But I'm just not sure if that's the most effective & creative way to quickly sum up what I'm trying to help them with.

Any ideas on how to finish that sentence?

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    You might preface your question with a question...."Do you have a website?" Are you calling businesses that you know have a website? If so then what can you specifically offer them as a benefit....more visitors, more conversions, higher seo ranking, a blog that will enhance their your market and be specific.

    Don Clifton

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    Lets say for this specific example we are talking about businesses that currently do have websites. However, they have websites that don't rank, don't have autoresponders, etc.

    I want to talk with the business and ask them questions to see if I will be a good fit for them and to see what solutions/services I can offer them. However, in my initial introduction to the business owner, I need to sum up what I can offer in one sentence. So I guess I'm asking, how can you sum up all of these services in just a couple of words?

    Basically, without listing the specific services, how can I still describe what I'm offering?

    Does that make sense? Maybe this is a dumb question - I'm just making my first cold calls EVER tomorrow and I want to be prepared with an effective opening phrase.
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    When I was pitching web services, I always did research on the company before I called them: found out where they stood on google, found out how long they had the site, and in some cases actually redesigned their site with a template. (hosted on my site so they could see it live)

    I then put together a proposal, about 10-15 pages, about how their website sucked, and how I could make it better for them...phrased nicely, of course. In it, not only would I outline a general plan of action for their site, but I would also put together points from my portfolio, as well as testimonials from other businesses I had worked with. (When I first started out, it was mostly friend's site that I did pro-bono just to have a portfolio!)

    Then, I would do a follow-up call, (if needed...usually they called me) and just ask if they received my packet and if they wanted me to do an in-person audit of their business and site. Usually once I got in the door, I charmed my way into getting the gig.

    Businesses get cold called ALL THE TIME. When people call me, I've taken to telling solicitors that the decision maker lives in India and they will never ever reach them. Ever. I don't care what they're selling or if it's the best thing ever. I'm in the middle of my work day dealing with my own clients, I make business decisions on my own time, not when you just decide to call me.

    I think that by doing a little due diligence with companies that you want to work with, take the time to know their site, their mission, what they want to accomplish, and how you (and only you) can specifically help them will go much farther than just cold-calling people.

    Plus, if you do get them on the phone (at the very least a follow-up call to see if they got your package) and they DON'T buy, you'll know why...and can ask for referrals. Or, if you're really confident in your work, ask to work on commission.

    But, getting back to actually answering your question:

    I think something leading would be, "If you wanted your website to do one thing for you, what would it be?"

    And when they tell you, you tell them, "If I put together a proposal that could show you how I can do that for you, in addition do _____, _____, and _____" would you be interested in a free in-person 60 minute audit of your site?"

    If they say dont' want to work with them anyway. If they say yes, book an appointment within 72 hours, and get to work putting that proposal together.

    Just my thoughts...good luck! Cold calling is the hardest way to get a sale, I admire your determination!
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    After many years in marketing I would not rehearse an opening line or a spiel. The first thing you should say is a comment on the business, the weather, the locality or something else to open the door. Then introduce yourself and state your intentions without rehearsal. After you do it a few times it will come natural.

    Hope this helps

    God bless

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    After 2 or 3 calls, if you listen enough, you will know the words your prospects use to define their benefit, and it will be a no-brainer to you to refine the end of that sentence.
    Stick to your proposition in the meanwhile.

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        Originally Posted by M4UNow View Post

        Oh my first never say "My business is selling online services (websites, autoresponders, seo, etc.) to local offline businesses." Unless you want to get hung up on. Please don't say selling ever. You are a consultant, you don't sell. You talk to the business owner, research the business by asking him questions, where he needs help, what he desires for his business then you suggest a marketing plan. Then tell him you can do it if he likes.

        For the call you also don't want to SELL anythin you want o make an aoppointment to meet with him or her.

        Then try this.

        I use this before i call and 99% of the time I have the business owners name so I can ask for them right away.

        if I get them I say Hi my name is xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx one of my two companies depends which one I think they are suited for. We haven't met yet. I am a local business owner like youself, matter of fact I'm right in (name of town) (which is near them) I was hoping you would be open to some different ideas on how to bring in more sales to your xxxxxx (place of business type) or I may say I was hoping you may be open to some differnent ideas on growing your business through online marketing. If I use that one I say I am a Marketing consultant-they like that word. My techniques cost a lot less than you are paying now and will bring you more sales. Do you have a few minutes this week that I could jsut stop in and show you what it is I do for other local businesses?

        That's basically all I say works around 50-60% of the time.
        Hope this helps
        Great stuff. I spent 9 years on the road cold calling and that is an approach I used most often. And it works. Once you do get an appointment look around the client's office to pick up clues on what their interests are and get a feel for how the business is run. Build rapport by engaging in conversation beyond what you are trying to sell. Work you conversations around who the client is and you will likely start to build a good relationship and a level of trust.

        Much success to you.

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        This advice is priceless. Thank you. I wanted to reply to you specifically because I've secretely been following you.

        lol...not in a weird way! But I've watched all your videos and on you email list, etc. You're definitely doing your thing. Keep it up and thanks for the tips!
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    Here's how I'd do it:

    Hey X, Tim here
    Just wondering if you'd like a free copy of x to help your business grow. My company does x, y and z and would love to help you (make more money / grow your client base etc).

    People love free stuff, just like in IM give away something free to them and they'll remember you. If it's good they'll come back for more. Plus it gives you a great chance to lead into conversation.
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      Originally Posted by TimRobinson View Post

      Here's how I'd do it:

      Hey X, Tim here
      Just wondering if you'd like a free copy of x to help your business grow. My company does x, y and z and would love to help you (make more money / grow your client base etc).

      People love free stuff, just like in IM give away something free to them and they'll remember you. If it's good they'll come back for more. Plus it gives you a great chance to lead into conversation.
      I think this approach also. It makes the cold call seem a little warmer, it lets them find out more about me on their time (they can read the free copy of x whenever) and then I can schedule a follow-up. This approach seems to put myself and the business owner a little more at ease.
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    Tim has a great approach. I get cold calls all the time
    on my CELL PHONE because I am a real estate agent
    and my stupid number has to be everywhere. They all
    ask me the same question. Hey, how would you like to
    be at the top of Google...blah, blah, blah.

    If there's one thing I've learned especially in business,
    it's that people respond to value.

    Following Tim's line of thinking, is there something you
    could easily do with their site or a few insights you could
    give that would produce an immediate bump in their traffic
    or conversions? I would say you could call them up and give
    them something as simple as how to install and use Google
    Analytics and it would totally blow most people's minds.

    Give them a call with the approach of,

    "Hey I'm a web developer and I want to show you a few
    tricks out of my bag. Try them out, or let me put them in
    for you and see what kind of results you get. Don't worry,
    this won't cost you anything. I just want to give you an idea
    of the kind of traffic/sales/leads you could be getting if you
    were to optimize your site. But we can talk about that later.
    Would you like me to share a few tips with you?"

    Give 'em the stuff, or offer to install it for them and schedule
    a follow up call. From what little knowledge I have in web
    development, I KNOW there is no possible way you can give
    them the whole farm in one phone call, but you can likely show
    them at least one thing that will get immediate results.
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    Thank you all for the advice. Especially to those who speak from experience of receiving cold calls. I know cold calling sucks...for those who do the calling and those on the other end. But to grow my business as quickly as I want to, I think I almost have to do it. And I think I have a lot to work with now. You all rock!
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