My Amazon Sites Completely Lost

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Gutted, had 4 sites and only two really took off and now since last month the other two have vanished and I am now getting no traffic and my Amazon business in now completely dead

I believe this is because of the new updates, can anyone tell me of similar Amazon experiences - wondering what to do next and how people are moving forward with their Amazon sites :confused:

Thanks in advance.
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    Ya same here buddy

    4 sites back down on page 7 and 8 !!!

    only thing is more new regular content and manual backlinks
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  • Best to go the manual / social route. Do some of the following:

    - Interact on facebook by making your own page, and participating on other pages/groups etc... anything from broad pages/groups like product reviews etc to specific product pages/groups.
    - Twitter, same as the above.
    - See if you can improve your on-page SEO.
    - Manual bookmarking, forum signatures, blog comments, press releases etc...
    - Provide informative articles for your product pages to keep up the content creation for Google and to give it some authority.
    - Pin your products, participate by checking out other products and pinning / commenting / liking.

    Tons of other things you could easily do. Unfortunately going this route takes constant work day-to-day and could mean you may be waiting longer than you want for results. Otherwise you can keep blasting links to your sites and hope that one gets past the search engine filters and ranks high, but I wouldn't recommend it
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      I'm real sorry to hear that guys. How did you do you backlinking? Was it the specific type of activities the recent G updates was targetting?
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      Most of mine have dropped far down the SERPs also. It's a hard lesson not to rely on Google for traffic.

      What type of backlinking did you do and did you diversify your anchor text? The main issue with the Penguin update seems to be lack of diverse anchor text in backlinks so you shouldn't have you're targeted keyword in more than 50% of the anchor text. I think link relevancy is also a key factor.

      In addition to building quality links, diversify your traffic sources to places like video and article syndication.

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        One of money keywords for Amazon affiliate site is product name.

        After Penguin, you'll see nearly all hot spots on Google page one belong to mighty authority sites like Amazon, Walmart,....

        No easy way to get significant traffics for our Amazon sites if Google Penguin keep running like this.
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    Wow, really sorry to hear that. I hope things change in future updates because I have heard this a few different places now.
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    Amazing, so many wso's up until now used big chain store results including amazon in the serps as an indicator for an easy keyword.
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    Don't you think Google will know if a site whose backlink profile consists mostly of the same anchor text and spammy links all of the sudden gets a bunch of diverse anchor text links, new content, etc. There MIGHT be no hope for our little AZ sites... mine took a serious dive.

    Funny thing is, the best one (totally white hat, really helpful content, tons of traffic, good time on site) got hammered, while three that really suck (and I'm admitting this) actually saw improvement.
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    I have noticed my sites constantly fluctuate. I think the Google animal updates keep hitting them.

    I spent a lot of time when I set them up, but they run on autopilot now. My earnings haven't really changed much, so I just roll with it.


    Follow me on my blog John Racine Blog
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