Here's how to kill SPAM...

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I found an interesting way to kill SPAM.

One of my email account has been a target for SPAM. I receive at least 100 SPAM email everyday. I cannot throw away this account due to business reasons. So I have to go through all the emails everyday.

Then, my server went down for one day, due to bad hosting.

I cannot receive emails for one whole day, which can be nice because I can concentrate on my work.

When my email service is back, I realized that for the past 2 days, I receive very little SPAM emails. About 10-20 per day.

It seems to be that those spammers have automated software and it will process any undelivered emails and get them 'out of the spam list'. I believe it's part of the spammer's 'housekeeping'

So, if you want get rid of your spam emails, shut down your email for 1 day.
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