Video Squeeze pages Hot or Not?

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I would be really interested to hear your views on this, but whilst going through a few emails today, I opened a couple which looked pretty good, clicked the link which took me a video squeeze page! as soon as I saw that little black box appear and the words 'watch this quick video' I immediately lost all interest and switched off!

It got me thinking that I do this all the time and has become a natural reflex, as I really don't want to spend 10 mins of my day watching the same old video squeeze consisting of a story and fluff why this opportunity is so good.

I would love to know what you guys do when you come across these, do you switch off? or does it actually capture you? they say video squeeze pages convert better, but I just can't see it, so I thought I'd put it out there and see!

Thanks in advance for your participation
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    Video can definitely work if done properly. I have seen some terrible videos that i turn off stright away. And then there are the videos that are over 20 mins! And you cannot fast forward them. I get bored and click the back button.

    I have seen some good video. Ryan Deiss videos tend to be pretty good. He uses a few nice tricks such as great animations.
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    I actually wait for about 10 seconds to make my mind up whether to hit the back button or watch the video. It has to be short, to the point and without any guarantees. I am sick and tired of hearing the same old lame ass messages like... "tired of struggling online" or "this may be the most important video you will ever watch" or "don't hit the back button bla bla bla" ...guess what? I just hit the back button.

    For me, video squeeze pages can work really well, but it has to be something unique, enticing and NOT salesy.
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    If you don't want to sit through those videos entirely and get to the gist of the videos, here is a good post by J-Mo about how to fast forward through the sales videos:

    How To Fast Forward Videos Without Controls

    (Additional good suggestions are in the comments section there too!)

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    well i can say through my own results that videos rock

    ive been using a video on my squeeze page for 13 months and it converts between 40% - 55% and ive sent thousands of people to it

    ive tried split testing different headlines but what i have im happy with the conversions

    videos do work great but there a few things to bare in mind if you want to keep people interested

    keep the video short, sharp and snappy (not 15 mins long lol)

    3 mins max (mine is 2 mins)

    screen capture videos work well

    (big tip) at the end of the video include an arrow and tell people to enter there
    name and email in the box to the right, left, below etc (this really helps conversions believe it or not lol)

    PS: you may get the odd (weired looking) squeeze page which happens to convert like gangbusters but on a general scale if you use thse tips above a video squeeze page will be very hard to beat

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    I certainly hate those, "Struggling for years.......", "My dad lost his life savings this recession," "You cannot be dumb enough to not use this system" videos. If you are making a video presentation, make it informative and to the point. Fine, you might argue that I have been in IM too long and really do not need the details but what about the complete novice?

    No one, not even the noobs are going to watch a 40 minute video. Text is better for explaining the finer points and for incorporating your copy. Videos should highlight your product's main advantages, uses and should finish off with a "great discount just for today!" or "buy today to get 30% off" offer. I'm sure your life story is relevant but save that for your biography. I am your customer, not your therapist

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    I use a video on my page but it has proof of me making money. I'm telling you guys now, provide proof you are making money with your program, MLM, etc and you will have a lot more opt ins and sign ups. Just make sure your video on your lead capture pages has you providing proof your business opp works.
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    It can work for sure but it is a bit harder to do than the regular text squeeze page.

    Most important thing I believe is that video has to be short, about 1-2 minutes.

    I tend to check the length of the video to decide immediately if I'm going to watch it or not.
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      As long as the video is short and not 10 minutes or so of constant useless chatter. For me a good Viceo Landing Page should be short and catchy. It should be out of the ordinary and should stand out in the first few seconds, cause those first few seconds are where your viewer decides if its worth it or not.

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    Maybe Video should be used when relevant - I mean sometimes, for a particular freebie or paid product - text works just fine, but the makers overdo it by adding a video and worst of all - making the whole damn thing predictable. Just my 2 cents but frankly this is how most video squeezes I come across make me feel.
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    I usually see what the video titles was, if it sounds interesting then I take a few minutes to watch it.
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      I actually listen to the voice of the host in the video to decide whether close it or not. I prefer a short and interactive video
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    To be honest, I've never seen a long squeeze page video.
    Ryan Deiss says about 12 to 24 minutes for a sales video.
    And, I think we are talking $97 or 2 x $97 for that.

    My Camtasia / PowerPoint video for a $7 product did quite well.
    As Paul Nicholls says, above, 2 mins max for a squeeze page,
    i.e. no cost product.

    You can get a really pro 1 minute video done for one of those
    membership sites. I pay $20 pm and they are really good!


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    Really Heck ya .. here is one big video Squeeze page without the Squeeze !!! Works like a charm!
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    Test Test Test..!
    Than maybe you will find your answer

    but on the way with that test, just be careful
    even the scientist can get contaminated with bad ass disease he studied :p
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    I'd vote yes to a short video. I have tested a lot of squeeze pages. In most cases video wins.

    You can make a marketing video for free using some images and This is a free and easy to use screen capture site. It works great.
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  • Yes.

    You just need to try using one.

    You'll see the difference.

    If your conversion rate goes down after adding a video, then the copy, graphics or voiceover must have been atrociously bad.

    Any copywriting client who comes to me for squeeze page copy these days I try to "upsell" to a video squeeze page, the results are just way better all the time even if the video is only okay.

    This isn't really up for debate IMO.
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    I'd probably go with a smaller video as well as the squeeze page copy - give your visitors a choice. If you do add video (which I am a fan of), make sure that it is a quality video and not these cheesy ones of guys walking down the stairs of their house into their two-car garage showing you their Mercedes and their Porshce.

    Also, my recommendation is to NOT hold your viewer hostage by not giving them a forward/stop control button for the video. I know that's become popular, but I myself click away the minute someone tries to hold me captive for some mystery schpiel.

    Good luck!
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    Just because I don't like mushrooms on my pizza doesn't mean nobody else does.

    What I mean by that is who cares if you like it or not, you are a marketer and know what is happening there. If that same video was going to tell some obese person:

    "1 shocking thing that keeps you from losing weight"

    they aren't "as" accustomed to marketing ploys.

    Another reason video works better in many situations is because a lot of people are lazy and have been conditioned to sit and watch a screen.

    If you are that concerned about which would work better use both.
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