For the Absolute Newbie Who Just Needs to Make $100 by the End of the Week.

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Hey folks.

This isn't new information, but in order to find it, you'd really have to dig through threads AND know what you're looking for - excuse the repost - just trying to help...

I still see so many new people jumping into Internet Marketing and they just don't know where to start and then get utterly discouraged when they think making money online should be a piece of cake -after all - just read a few threads in the Warrior Forum and you begin to believe you can just set up a website and the money will start flowing.

The harsh reality is, the people making money here are the same people making money in the offline world.
They work hard every day, master their craft and skills and network with other like-minded people. It takes time - let your business grow with your skills.

For those absolute newbies that just want to see some money coming in now - do me a favor and just do this for the next 3 days.

1) Sit down at your computer.
2) Think about the niche you're in and start to gather some ideas on articles you could write that would be HELPFUL to someone - yes - make your articles helpful and informative.
3) Once you have 3-5 nice little articles - 400 words or so - that's only half a page of writing... create an account on Associated Content -
4) Submit your articles under an Exclusive Agreement. Yes, Exclusive Agreement - it pays more - once you have a few articles under your belt -switch to non-exclusive so you can use your articles to build back-links to your site. For now, just make a few dollars - paid directly to your PayPal account - you need to see some money coming in to stay motivated.

Helpful hint:
When submitting your article - go to stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site and download some free images - include an image with your article - it makes it look much more professional.

That's it - practically foolproof - money making activity.

Won't make you rich - but it will make you money - anywhere from $4.00 to $20.00 per article.

Write ten REALLY good articles a week and you might make close to $200/week.
Not too bad for someone just starting out trying to make their first few dollars online.

Just so you know this is very easy to do and it absolutely works - here are a few samples of my recent articles:

Thomas A. Hall's Content Producer Page - Associated Content

Once you start really building up a library of articles and really want to take advantage of social media and article marketing - take a look at a recent post I made here at the Warrior Forum.

It's a systems approach to kick but article marketing generating an almost endless amount of backlinks via social media and RSS:

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me and let me know how it's going.
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    I think there is a lot of value to this, especially since you can use AC for backlinks and get paid some money. Over the years, I find they've gotten pickier about the articles they accept and the rates have gone down. My advice would be to resubmit the article if it gets rejected but this time submit it as nonexclusive.

    Also, AC seems to like it when an article is around 400 words or more. Nice advice, especially because it gives beginners a way to watch their first online dollars come in.
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      Sounds great. Have to try this out. I personally never liked article writing. May be I should just try for sometime.

      Thanks for the info..
      >> Getting back into IM game <<
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        That's interesting, I didn't know you could get paid to write articles.

        I was thought that article marketing was only there to give you credibility, backlinks and traffic to your website.

        Getting paid 4-20$ per is still decent.

        Are their requirements harsh in order to get chosen and get paid?
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          I've only had 1 article outright denied and I've had to revise 2 articles slightly because they were too promotional.
          You can see from my articles, it's pretty basic stuff.
          They just don't want a bunch of hype or promotional stuff.
          I would use AssociatedContent to build your name, get paid to write and maybe to build a few backlinks - as you can see, there's no resource box - so very little opportunity to try and promote a site.
          Use for that type of promo.

          Sincerely, Thomas H.

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    Just another note..... for those who are worried about their articles not getting accepted...

    Just think of it like an assembly line...

    You write articles because you need to promote your niche.
    Submit articles to AssociatedContent - get paid for some - get some denied
    Re-write articles a bit and submit to EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints with resource box.
    Retweak your content once again and create pages out of them
    The list goes on and on - Just Keep Promoting.
    NEVER post the same article to multiple places.
    Just re-tweak the paragraphs a bit and submit them to different places after you rewrite them.

    Just keep going until you can't write any more.

    Take your best articles and create audios or an eBook.

    It just depends on what you think of next.....

    Sincerely, Thomas H.

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      Last time I looked AC was only accepting authors from the US. I just checked now and it seems they do accept non-US contributors but with different conditions i.e, they are limited to performance payments only.

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    That's very interesting that you posted this. I ordered a WSO ebook for $40 saying basically to rewrite articles and submit them to AC. So I tried it with one article on how to get out of debt and about 1 week later they paid me $1!!! I don't know if it was the niche I chose or what but after that I didn't submit anymore because it took me about an hour to write rewrite that article so that it would pass copyscape. So I gave up on this method.

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      Maybe it's just me, but I find the AC website very confusing and not at all user friendly. When I go there, I usually find a list of calls for content. Right now it says there are 8. But the list never seems to reflect the number stated. The list currently contains 4.

      The whole website, to me, is too busy, difficult to navigate and just needs a total overhaul!!! Of course, I'd learn to love if they paid me. So far, I've submitted 2 articles and earned 5c.
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        Originally Posted by rosetrees View Post

        Maybe it's just me, but I find the AC website very confusing and not at all user friendly. When I go there, I usually find a list of calls for content. Right now it says there are 8. But the list never seems to reflect the number stated. The list currently contains 4.

        The whole website, to me, is too busy, difficult to navigate and just needs a total overhaul!!! Of course, I'd learn to love if they paid me. So far, I've submitted 2 articles and earned 5c.
        2 articles and earned 5c? seems like a waste of time
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          yep, i have seen many things written about AC and yes this method can work, but is geared towards the US resident. As a non-US resident you get paid on average $1.5 per 1000 views. So even to earn $100, you would need approx 66,000. Now if i am going to get 66,000 views to a number of articles i would rather have them pointing at a site i own and have them listed in an article directory with more clout, such as Ezine or Go articles, squidoo, hubpages, etc.

          I did once see someone write a blog post about cheating your way to payment with in open an account with a US address and act as a US resident as all payments go to your Paypal account anyway! However, once you get to $400, you will have to provide certain tax information to receive further to use this as an on-going method of making money, you would probably need a new Paypal and AC on a weekly basis.

          I know the point if this thread is to say, this is a good way for a newbie to see it is possible to make a buck online, however, i must stress that the method mentioned is only geared towards US residents, who nowadays only take up probably about a maximum of 30% of the whole IM community around the world!
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            Not a newbie, but always looking for different article sites.

            I just submitted my first article, I did add our website to the web resources and at the end of the article.

            Will they accept or deny as too promotional?


            Text Styles Design

            Website Design - Business Logos - Posters - Ads
            and More!

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    thanks for the tips,
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    This is great advice for anyone who wants to make a quick honest buck on the Internet. Associated Content is one method to do this.

    Yes it does take work. Don't expect to make a lot of money. But you can make cash. And that's the whole point of this post.

    They will also accept videos, interviews, and slide shows. If you have a specific skill, for example how to change a spark plug, you can make a one to two minute video and get paid for it. I'm not sure they accept videos for upfront payment anymore.

    In addition, you get paid for page views of your content. I have submitted lots of content to AC and I get a small residual check from them every month.

    At first all of my submissions were for exclusive content. I do not recommend doing this, however. There is a lot of content I submitted to them and I'm sorry I gave them exclusive rights.

    But ThomasH is totally correct: it's a great quick way to make money: legally and ethically. Just remember, it takes a little work.

    Here are some examples of the content I have submitted:

    Albert Grande's Content Producer Page - Associated Content

    Just go for it!

    albert grande
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      A good post, especially for those just starting out. If I may add, US residents can also earn some income from posting articles on eHow. I can't because I'm not from the US but another writer I know makes a tidy amount each month just from people veiwing the article she's written.

      For others who feel they can write and who would like to earn a bit of cash, try putting in applications with a few on the content writing sites. While the money is not great, it's something and it helps as far as motivation is concerned

      Just in case any of you are wandering, no I'm not employing any writers at the moment

      To end off.................if you can write then yes you can earn some cash online.
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        Recently here I saw a thread on AC that it is waste of time for non-us people. Earnings would be in cents and couple (literally) of dollars.

        Sitting and writing articles for hours for few cents?

        Follow up Autoresponder PRO :: 33% Discount!!
        FREE Upgrades! IMPROVED Email Deliverability!!
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        I see the posts here that says it's a waste of time and other excuses for not doing what Thomas says. Listen, he says in the topic for newbies who want to make a few dollars. There are thousands of newbies here on this forum that have never made a penny online..yet! So, this is a way for them to make a few bucks and better yet to see that they can make some money online.

        If they make a $100.00 a week doing this they will have some confidence that they can make money online and it will give them a boost and a higher goal to reach on down the road.

        Good Post Thomas!

        Charles E. White
        Internet Money Making Programs
        ^Find out the programs and products we have found to be worth the money^
        Join our FREE newsletter and get up-to-date details.

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          Just wanted to add that you can also give your article on associated content a boost in the search engines by building some backlinks to IT as well.. This will increase your revenue because you will have more targeted traffic.
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    This is a great way to make some cash, but just be warned that its very difficult to get paid higher amounts. Lots of people are doing this and it seems you are lucky these days to get $3 an article.


    WarriorForum Rules!

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