My site got hacked by phishers

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My site got hacked by phishers and was being used to attack banks.

I got this email from a security company representing a bank.

Should I send them the log files that they requested ?

Should I ask my webhost for help ? Or should I just start over and secure my site myself ?

I am backuping up all my access logs and and FTP log files right now.

Email from security company

Our company investigates computer crime incidents on behalf of banks and other companies.

A phishing site was found to be operating on your network and targeting Bank XXXXX customers:

If possible, please provide the following information to assist our investigation:

- Web server and FTP server log files for the past several days
- Copies of all phishing files, hack tools, or other hacker files

Finally, we kindly request that you disable or remove the phishing files as soon as possible.

If we have contacted you in error, or there is a better way for us to report this incident, please let us know.

Thank you for your assistance,
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  • I would contact your web host right away. I wouldn't send that company any information.

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      Do not send that company anything!! Contact your hosting company right now and let them know what is going on. I've been in IT most of my working career and sending that company the information they are asking for will cause you even more problems.
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    Send that email to your webhost. Then do as they suggest.
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