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If I hire someone (a VA) to write all of my content for me for sites / blogs, how many articles should I expect them to be able to put out per day/week? Anyone know?
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    Well how much money you got ?
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    It varies depending on where you outsource your content writing. Quantity and quality play a huge role in pricing for most.

    Warriors for hire is a good place to start or any of the bigger outsourcing sites for content like iwriter, odesk, elance and textbroker.
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    It all depends on how long the articles are and if your VA has a working knowledge on the topic. If your Va needs to research on the topic then it might take a longer amount of time. A good writer can finish a quality article of around 400 words in an hour or so.
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    That totally depends on a number of factors, but mainly being expertise on the subject, length of articles, and possible even your budget. Sometimes language barrier can be an issue.
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    Depends on the length of the articles, the quality you expect and how difficult the topic is to write about. Someone could probably write 6+ 400 word articles on a general topic if you paid them enough.
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    Normally a good quality writer could produce (at least in my case) 1-2 "quality" articles/day. However you really don't want to push them as far as quality is your very first priority.
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  • Hi Ashvin. That'd be up to you to test. You can do this to formulate an accurate daily 8-hour quota for your offshore content researcher/writer:

    • Research and write the content you need. Integrate the tone and style you prefer. Provide your readers with the depth of info they need. Improve the outline and presentation of your work. Do this for 8 hours. Study the overall quality and volume of the content you produced and the time you spent. Then, answer these questions:

    =>> Do you have specialized knowledge, skills and expertise in the subject areas you wrote about?
    =>> Do you have substantial research and writing knowledge, skills and expertise?
    =>> Are you a native English speaker? (I assume you need English content)

    • If you answered yes to all three questions above, and you need someone who can produce per 8-hour work day the same output, in the same volume and overall quality, then find this person in your own network of friends, relatives, colleagues and in their own networks. Or, you can go study relevant offers posted on freelancer or dedicated outsourcing sites, and hire someone with the credentials you need. Be prepared to pay this person close to the amount of money you'd want to be paid if you do this on a daily basis. Why?

    =>> The most suitable person would most likely be a native English speaker. This person should have substantial research and writing skills. This person should have substantial expertise, skills and knowledge in your target subject areas. This person should be capable of injecting the tone and style you want. This person should know what your target readers need, in terms of the depth of info he or she must provide them. If you want to reduce your overheads and still get the right person for the job:

    • Reduce your expectations in terms of daily work output volume. Test out non-native English speakers with substantial skills, knowledge and expertise in researching and writing English content, particularly those with substantial expertise, skills and knowledge in your target subject areas. Provide examples of the content you need that can show the tone and style and info depth you want. study their test output. Hire the person who can comply with your standards. You'd most likely end up with 50% less daily work output volume, still in the overall quality you want, and pay 30% less than what you'd be paying a native English speaker...

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    Hi Ashwin....

    Let's not get into the money stuff. If you are looking for quality then its my personal observation that a motivated person can produce 2 to 3 quality articles per day, if you are going to do more than this then you might loose the quality of content....

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    thanks everyone, this gives me a good idea of what to expect from my VA.

    Ashvin Patel

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    An average writer can write a 500 word article for 2 hours including research. So for 8 hours that would be 4 500-word articles but I suggest you let your writer write 1 article and re-write it 2-3 times then write another article and re-write it again 2-3 times. That would be a total of 5-8 articles a day.

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      I've had full-time VA's in the Philippines doing all my article writing for over 6 years now.

      To suggest that someone can write a 500 word article in about an hour and do that multiple times per day is complete and utter nonsense. Suggesting that means whoever suggested it has never done it.

      My BEST writer (and she's AMAZING...perfect english, loves to write, has written personal emails/blog posts for me) writes like 6 500 word articles/day. She's by far the best I've ever seen.

      If you get someone to write 4 per day, you're doing pretty well.

      This isn't the end-all-be-all answer to your question...just 6 years of experience doing it.
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    10 articles should take about 7 to 10 days to complete. Anything longer than that would be unacceptable in my case.

    But it also depends on the topic and if you're working with a team or a single individual.
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    well, if you're just looking for a writer i don't think they would count as a VA. All of my virtual assistants in the past did a lot more than writing for me, and were therefore more expensive than just finding a good writer, giving them assignments and leaving it at that. My last VA did everything from take phone calls to handle my daily calendar, on top of writing work.
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