Is Anybody Selling a "How to Buy Gold" Ebook?

by d17
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I have an ebook I am about to start selling through Click Bank. It's about buying and selling gold (offline) - how to tell fake gold from real, how to calculate the price, etc. The book gives real life experience and, obviously, thousands of dollars of lifetime value.

Did anyone sell any similar books? Anything you can advise?
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    I am not in the market at all,
    but I do have a friend from the
    Austin Chamber of Commerce who
    sells gold over the phone. Talk
    about a crazy power-closer!

    If your product is (very!) high
    quality, let me know when you launch
    and I will pass the info to him.
    Perhaps he can market it directly
    to his customers and prospects.

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    ...A tachyon enters a bar.

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    Gold buying/selling has been big for a couple of years. I've never promoted the niche but know some people that are into it offline. You should post up when you're launched I'd be interested in sending a little test traffic your way to see how it converts if all looks good.
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    Yes, I'd like to take a look as well when you are ready. I am planning on getting into that area in the future.

    Do you have Buyer IM leads? We have sales floors with Great DPL. PM me.

    The Warrior Forum

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