I Wanna Sell My Site... Can Y'all Help?

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Hey buddies!

I've got precisely zero experience selling websites, but as my business model is shifting I really need a lump sum of cash to fund some stuff.

So here's the deal...

My site only gets a TINY amount of traffic, and it's a product-specific niche site... I'm promoting a health-related Clickbank product.

I only get about 200 monthly visitors. :rolleyes: I know, right?

But the thing is, I'm earning nearly a dollar per visitor per month! This site has averaged $147 per month over the past 3 months, and has been making me money for well over a year now.

In fact, over the past 30 days, it's earned me over 200 bucks.

My question is... does the low traffic volume cancel out the healthy income, or is that not really relevant in this situation?

I've heard that product-specific sites generally sell for 6-8 times their monthly income. Is this about right?

Answers and suggestions of any kind are welcome and highly appreciated.

Thanks all,

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    It's actually not bad that the traffic is low, but it's making income. Shows that the potential is there for even more sales for someone who wants to kick that traffic up several notches. The sale price will still be based on the income it is currently generating, say 6-10 x mnthly income on Flippa. It's also good that it has been earning for a year or so.

    List it on Flippa with a good sales page that goes into details on traffic and income and any other assets the site might have.
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    Traffic volume being low is an advantage if you're making already good money! That's excellent news! You can explain to the prospects various ways of increasing traffic...and how that will increase earnings significantly!

    Yes just like was mentioned, you can probably get 6x10 times earnings. But set a juicy BIN with very attractive bonuses..and you might get even more than that! With luck!
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