Does +1 affect how Google crawls my site?

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More and more experts and marketers states that Google +1 helps in SEO.

Some say that if I add the +1 button to my page, Google assumes that I want that page to be publicly available and visible in Google Search results. As a result, that page will be shown even if it is disallowed in robots.txt.
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    Hi Sabrina,
    I can tell you that since adding the G+1 button on my pages and posting new blogs and articles to the public G+1 pages I've noticed an improvement in those topics on Google. Right now the word on the street is that Google is pushing hard to get support for G+ and as a result will reward you if you become active using the buttons, the Likes and posting.
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    I believe that it affects pretty much. I have g+1 button on my blog and after that added I noticed that my blog is getting more visitors. I do not know if it is directly related to G+1 button but I really believe that google likes the website with G+1
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    Yeah - don't try to second guess stuff like this. If it's true one day it won't be the next. You could find yourself getting slapped for overusing G+. If it's natural and makes sense - use it. If you're looking to gain an advantage - be careful.

    nothing to see here.

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