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I've been seeing "socialcam" videos popping up all over facebook for the past week or so...I'm just wondering if anybody's seen this site. If so, how old is it? Have you had any marketing success there?

It seems as if it's getting very popular on fb right now...
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    Socialcam is a smartphone application that makes it easy to share videos with friends. It works on Apple's iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS running iOS 4.2 and above.

    It reminds me a little bit of Instagram except it's for videos.

    Socialcam will save all your videos to your camera roll by default. From there you can export them anywhere you wish.

    Socialcam is created by Ammon Bartram, Guillaume Luccisano and Michael Seibel. Sounds were produced by Jivatma07.

    Open source - Uses ASIHTTPRequest by Ben Copsey. BSD license
    Uses YAJL by Lloyd Hilaiel. BSD license
    Uses a modified version of UIDevice-Hardware by Erica Sadun. BSD license
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    PS....It competes with the new Viddy and they claim 4 million have already signed up on Socialcam since it was released as an app in April 2012.

    That's all I know for now but it will be interesting to see which claims more new users....SocialCam of Viddy.
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    I would imagine there's some $$ to be made there...
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      Originally Posted by Bill_Lawrence View Post

      I would imagine there's some $$ to be made there...
      Hi Bill...I agree. I think both SocialCam and Viddy will spawn a number of money making ideas that either have not been flushed out yet or haven't been made public. Since both are playing nice with FB the revenue potential is mind boggling for someone who figures it all out.
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    You can turn it off or ignore it...
    Professionally designed custom blogging platform
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    I'm gonna make this my project for the next month or so...I have a few things in mind already.
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