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Hi Everyone,

It has been a month or two....anyways.

Do you know what a Meme is? If not your missing out. A meme is one of those photos on Facebook that have the white writing on top and then usually the punchline of the joke is on the bottom. For example: a picture of Kobe Bryant and it say: Pass the ball? Just get my rebound!

These are very viral.

I watched a fanpage go from 0 fans to 400K fans in 3 months. No money was spent. It is called NBA Memes and is a page where people post there own memes and the owner creates some too. Anyways, an average Meme post gets about 7,000 likes, and 500 comments, and a ton of shares.

This can be duplicated in other niches. If you want to see how its done check out my new MEME page called BUSINESS MEMES:

Business Memes | Facebook

I am going to test this and then I will share my success or failure on this thread so stay tuned. And if you want to help me out by sharing my new page or liking it then, Thanks alot.

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    I never knew you could do that, new to me. Thanks for the tip!
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    This is very interesting, I have tried it on Facebook and its quite fun creating a meme and the comments keep flooding. I guess the trick is to have a great punch line.
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    Nice trick!

    I've got 8 fans now - I'm trying to add some photos and stuff that people will share and help bring in more fans.
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    Sooo, a page with 62 likes at the moment is promoting a meme-based "tricks" that leap from 0 to 400 000 ?!?

    Gimme a break, puhleeze
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    Quite interesting thanks for the share
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