Help For A Relatively New Blogger To Market Distance Running Website

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Hello WF Members,

My site | Military Motivation for Uncommon Results brings in between 130-250 visitors per day. Any suggestions of how I can bring in more adsense revenue and market the site better?

Any first glance suggestions you can send my way to increase the functioning of the site as a whole?

I am open to your suggestions and appreciate your time.

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    This might not be what you expected but here it goes. I have been running 5 K events for the last few months and some of these events are packed. Wounded warrior and mud runs have thousands of avid running fans all in one place
    How about having a flyer with your creds (featured in the daily PT) with some of the benefits they will get from checking out your site and "joining the family"
    Go to the runon website, find some races close by and give it a go!
    Maybe you could pay some kid to place them on cars in the parking area, and/or have a stack at some of the many booths that will be there.
    Not sure, but worth a go. I did something similar where I paid some kid for placing flyers in a parking lot of a dance club. It was a one time try (from a WSO) and I made a CPA sale out of it. Had I scaled, it probably would have worked. This could add folks to list and if you offer them good content, they can come back again and again (each time is a chance at getting your adsense ads clicked)
    Just a thought (a little out of the norm) !
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    Hi Mate,

    I would integrate the adsense units a little better with the site style, they are white on a black site, they stick out like dogs ..... Which is not always a good thing. I prefer the discreet ad myself.

    Lose 1 or 2 units from the sidebar and move them into the content, so one at the top and one in the middle or at the end. I prefer the end so my content is not broken in 2.

    Add some LINK Units as well you can have 3 ads and 3 link units per page so look at some link units. Link units work well when placed in spots people would be looking for a menu.

    Lastly add some google search boxes as well.

    If the goal is adsense income you need to take every opportunity that they offer. Ads, Links and search and use them all.

    Hope that helps mate.

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    The site does have a good focus. However, if you are looking at Adsense revenue, you would need to build and position it more as an authority site due to the fact that Adsense now most advocates Authority sites - There's an excellent WSO to understand how you can understand Adsense mechanisms better at this stage in the WSO section. Maybe you can check that out

    As far as getting visitors in general goes, maybe some amount of solo ads in the fitness/weight loss niche.
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    Thanks for your suggestions and I do appreciate it. The site will be changing soon, especially the domain name. Although 'rundreamachieve' is catchy it isn't necessarily being typed into google on a daily basis

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    I don't think adsense is the best way to monetize this site. It's not going to bring in much because the subject of your site isn't something that advertisers are going to pay high dollar for visitors from google. I would find another way to increase revenue and I would certainly focus on building a list for long term.

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  • First, the site did not display correctly on my phone. It appeared that the first column showed,then the next column was below that. Second, I think you should get rid of the adsense ads altogether. Instead, plug away at getting opt-ins, promoting your own books, and affiliate products contextually.
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    You have a great idea with your site but you need an opt in displayed prominatley and you should really start building your list.
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