Social Bookmarking Marketing, is it legal?

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I have a question:

Is social bookmarking marketing, such as

-selling twitter followers
-selling facebook likes
-selling youtube views
-selling other platform votes/likes/followers/...

1) legal/illegal?
2) legal/illegal if you are reselling.
3) legal/illegal if you are generating the content through your own non-spam whitehat methods?

Could you make a legitimate business out of this kind of services?

I'm curious, because what started as something small for my own websites, I am now selling on fiverr... and I'm wondering if I should watch out, if I should keep the business small, or am I allowed to (potentially) have a real business?

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    NO it's against the website TOS
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    I suppose that most of what you are describing is technically legal (You probably won't find the police breaking down your door), but it may not be ethical and is likely a violation of the TOS at the sites. In theory, you could get sued. Twitter recently sued some software manufacturers that it felt were hurting their business and violating their TOS.

    I believe SocialAdr has reseller accounts. This might be somewhat different because you submit links and other users decide whether to share them. It's a lot different than doing this with bots. So there may be ways to make that business model work, but I would recommend a measure of caution.
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    All these methods you have mentioned are spamming, so it is not legal.
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      Originally Posted by donmodo View Post

      All these methods you have mentioned are spamming, so it is not legal.
      I think that depends on what country you're in, since different areas have vastly different laws regarding what constitutes spam.

      That being said, I do think this practice is unethical, regardless of the legalities.
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    So are you saying that fiverr is unethical by letting the users make small fortunes doing this very thing, even if the users are violating TOS?
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    It's just called blackhat marketing. Many, many people have businesses like this.
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    Ok thanks.

    The views/comments/likes/... that I generate myself are not bots, but via a "get paid to" system.

    The ones I resell I have no idea tbh...

    With illegal I mostly meant should I be feared to get sued, should I keep it underground, not expand my business too much?
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    Yes, that's something illegal..because you are using their business, their names(TM) to make money without their consent.

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    No! it's not just because it's against the terms of services but who would want something that is not generating targeted traffic which is very useless.

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    Well, I have seen on DigitalPoint forum selling these services so I would say that it is legal, social bookmarking is not legal.
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  • I would be really careful doing this. I am almost positive it is against website TOS. You would not want to get sued!!
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    I think you should stick to conventional means of internet marketing, and not try to sell alot of "fake" stats. It won't boost your sales, and it will only delude you if you think it will increase your sales. It's not a good business model. Eventually after a few people buy from you and they see that their results dont improve even with the fake stats... they will come to the realization that these methods of making them seem "successful" is in truth futile.
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    It's not against Terms and Conditions rules, but ethically is not nice.
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    Its not legal but still lot of people looking forward this service and that why lot of seller all around.
    Just like link building with robot, everyone know it illegal but yet lot of people looking for this service.
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    I wouldn't reccomend it- for the reasons the guys above said already so I won't repeat them since they are right :-)
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  • Interesting have not been thinking about it. But isnt this whole idea of a concept of a VA or outsourcing. I could manually add my twitter followers or outsource the same to a group. When Businesses are sold they are sold generally with client base, now if you have twitter account with 1000 followers you are selling it to your prospective buyer to continue the same theme of your account.
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    I would love to buy email list ))
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    You are going to get a million different opinions....personally I do what it takes to get where I need to go

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    This is shear illegal... and people fake these services... not real followers and anything

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    In my point of view,,,
    Social bookmarking it's not illegal marketing - this is like a viral interest. Google like it.
    As you know, social bookmarking allows an Internet user to save and share his or her favorite websites using a social bookmarking site. From this kind of service that the social bookmarking sites offer is where you, as an online marketer can take off. By being a member of at least one of the major bookmarking sites, you get to do the things that the other members do: bookmark URLs, save and organize them, and vote and comment on other users' bookmarks.
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