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I am having a small problem with camtasia (version 5) . I know it's my settings but have spent a few hours this afternoon still unable to fix this.

I cannot get my recordings to preview on the editing screen.

I CAN record ok - and then I CAN import the camrec file into the clip bin. But it will not play on the preview window.

As I say I'm sure it's something very simple - but if anyone has any ideas - it'll save me sulking around at home all evening.... ;-)

Thank you,

Jenn x
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    Have you dragged the file onto the timeline below?

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      Simply double clicking on the clip will put it into the previewer window.
      Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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        If you have a computer that has low resources, process speeds, memory, disk space, etc. and you work in your application to long you can run into issues like that.

        Try closing all your applications and shutting down your system and then rebooting.

        See if that helps out, unless there is some other obvious thing that you overlooked...

        Frank Bruno
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