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Hi, this is Darren.
My fan page stats went skyrocketed this week, so I would like to share with you guys on how I did it. I believe some of you might be interested in this.

Here is the stats showing my page stats skyrocketed out of sudden.

My partner and I have been creating content for almost 2 weeks before that, yet, as you can see we didn't get much shares and likes.
Until May 5, suddenly one of our post suddenly went viral and it became out of control. The single post was being share for more than 1.8K+ , it just went totally out of control and this results in hundreds of likes to our page.
we have a few other post which did quite well too, but the particular post which went viral out of control totally surprise us.

We decided to write out what we had done, and what are the elements which make it went viral. In other words, we try to find out the elements which makes such post went viral, so that we could clone it again.

We learnt some important things throughout the discussion. We make our latest post according to what we found and we're amazed that the post virality has generally went up! Now we know how to create post with higher chance of becoming viral. And of course, I'm going to show you what we have learnt.

We will eventually go into videos, and other types of content in the future.
But, currently, we only share quotes, and that's why whatever I'm going to share with you is only relevant to picture type of content. And also we are in the self-improvement niche. You can apply them in other niche too, just that you need to do some experiment yourself.

These is what we learnt through the discussion:
1) Quotes from very famous & successful people helps to boost the virality of post, and quotes from people who are an inspiration himself/herself can boost the virality to even greater extend. Just for example, a quote from Ghandi or Mother Teresa will have higher virality compare to some other successful businessman.

2) If the content is not a quote but just a simple motivational sentence, then it must have some action words along with it rather than something descriptive, for example: "LIVE as if it was your last day" would be better than "Life is the most precious thing you can ever have" (This is just an example only, generally you will get better result, based on what we found.

3) The background for the quotes is very important. Great photos as background works well. Design the quotes in such a way that, if it has great photos as background, then use simple, same, 1 colour font; if it does not have great photos as background, then you have to be creative with your font. Handwriting type of font works well with quotes related to feelings, impact font works well on those "take action" type of quotes.

4) There are too many quotes to be used, in order to use those which has higher possibilities to go viral, we go to quotes site and use those quotes which people have voted 5 stars for it. We believe it helps because majority of people already pick them as 5 star, thus i will have higher chance to make it to go viral compare to those with lower stars. I'm not really sure about this yet because I can really come to conclusion. But, so far, this make sense, isn't it?

There are also a few things we do to promote our site:
1) We use pinterest to drive traffic to our website. On our website, people can like our facebook page on the side bar. Pinterest works quite well, a few of my quote got repin quite a number of time. I realized something very interesting is that, those pic which get repin higher times are also those which perform well in the facebook page too. XD

2) We sent our quotes to other quote page in Facebook. There are too many post, and we cannot send each of them other all of the other pages, so I personally do it in a rotation manner. First, I will post it in our own page, and let say out of 10 post, there are a few posts which are doing really great. When I say great I mean it has high virality. So, I'm going to pick this pic with higher virality only and post it on other facebook page, in a rotation manner. The reason why I only look at the virality because I want people who see the post to hit likes and share. If the virality is not there, the post being share on other page will just die off after the first post, it takes too much work for too little result, and we want to avoid that.

3) we did buy traffic by putting ads on facebook, but it was not as effective as the organic and viral traffic. We started to buy traffic since day 1, yet the result is not obvious. We did not put much effort into the paid traffic, when it comes to facebook, viral traffic is the most important thing. If we have time, we would put most of our effort to create content, after all this is a number game.

The super viral post which was being shared for more than 1.8k times has how starting to cool down. Right now it is being shared for 2033 times at this point of time while I'm writing. Although it is cooling down, our weekly total reach stats and people talking about this stats is still keep rising, on a slower manner. Below are the stats

We realize that every time before a post can went viral, it must reach a certain number of share first, for example 10 or 15. We are currently spending more time on finding out what kind of quotes people are willing to share. We are still doing experiment here and there, and of course I will share more with you in this thread once I learn something new.

Yesterday, my partner said: "lets compete and see who can create a post which will go viral" then I said: challenge accepted and whoever lose will have to treat dinner XD This competition will continue until Sunday and we will see who will be the winner.

Yesterday or a few days ago, I saw a post related to Bruce Lee Quotes here in WF. Since those quotes from Bruce Lee are popular and there are even people create thread just to share those quotes, I think making a post about the collection of quotes by Bruce Lee might be a good idea. I think it certainly can go viral after a few promotion here and there. I really want to win the challenge and get my partner to treat me XD

If you think it's cool to share all this info with you guys, would you guys gives some comments on my latest post about Bruce Lee quotes as in how it will go even more viral in facebook?

Wall Photos | Facebook

By the way, if you think those Bruce Lee quotes are cool, can you please share the inspiration with your friends XD This will help to spreads the inspiration to your love ones and also win me a dinner. Win win situation. I guess I'm greedy :p

Have a nice day to all of you
Darren Chow
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  • Profile picture of the author mikedz
    Wow, congratz on that!
    I used to have a fan page too. But then after I created it, I received no likes and shares at all. I thought what I were sharing were good stuff, but just that not many people share it.
    It never go viral.... so i just let it die off....

    I like the way you do the work to get things viral.
    I guess I wasn't successful because I didn't know virality is so important.

    Thanks, this is really a great share!
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  • Profile picture of the author darrenchow
    You are most welcome Mikedz,

    Yeah, Virality is the single most important thing you would want to focus on.
    However, there was really no way to know whether the type of post will go viral or not until you did some experiment. You have to sort of like research and guess what triggers people to share the content.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jammy
    This a great write up and lots and lots of very useful information!

    Keeping an eye on Google Trends and setting up a fanpage page before anyone else on a hot topic is also a good head start on getting visitors quickly. Facebook pages are indexed and listed in the search engines very quickly.
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    • Profile picture of the author cashp0wer
      Great post and thanks for the useful information. My Facebook fanpage never went viral either and now it is completely dead to me. Maybe one day I may try to do something with this again.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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  • Profile picture of the author aaaa33030
    I've looked over your fanpage and website
    How do you make money from them?
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    • Profile picture of the author darrenchow
      Originally Posted by aaaa33030 View Post

      I've looked over your fanpage and website
      How do you make money from them?
      We only plan to use facebook as a channel to build relationship with people and to get exposure. We will only make money from our website.

      We will monetize it just like how the other bloggers monetize their blogs =)) Nothing fancy or unconventional. We're just going to use basic methods which works. Of course, we will need to add more and different types of content in order to monetize it.

      Honestly, we do not know will things work out right and make us money or not in the long run. We just believe that it will, and with that we march forward everyday.

      Even if it doesn't work as expected and we do not make money in the future, what harm can it does to us for building our website and facebook page? well, the only "harm" might be too much inspiration for everyone who visit our site daily. Joking XD
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  • Profile picture of the author Charlotte Jay
    I just love viral marketing. Those are some seriously impressive stats over that period of time. Well done!
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  • Profile picture of the author mosthost
    Nice work. Love the ideas
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  • Profile picture of the author Lloyd Buchinski
    There must be a typo or something wrong with the first Bruce Lee quote. It doesn't seem to make any sense. "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

    It's hard to get excited about a quote like that. Maybe adjust that to help your chances of winning.

    It probably should be "Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect," or something like that.

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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  • Profile picture of the author DeMango25
    Congratz mate and thanks for the share!

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  • Profile picture of the author JeedoAquino
    Hi Darren,

    This is an inspirational share. Thank you for being generous :-) we will be delving into Facebook soon mainly involved with app development so this is definitely helpful for me as a product developer on some aspects.
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  • Profile picture of the author darrenchow
    It's great to know that it helps all of you =))

    By the way, here's a little update here.
    Remember I mentioned in the thread that my partner and I have a little competition where the winner who has the next post with the higher virality will be treated dinner?

    Well, my bruce lee quotes pic seems to be doing quite good.

    So far it has been shared 56 times on our page only. (not included the shares in other site/page)
    And, as you can see, the viral reach of Bruce Lee quotes is quite high =)
    So far, the viral reach (the purple bar) accounts for 301 people.
    To make it clear, the virality percentage of this post is not very high, but then,the viral reach is surprisingly quite high.

    So, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you all if you have helped me to like/share the bruce lee quotes. I'm going to win a free dinner treated by my partner because my post is being shared more times =]

    1 more tips about sharing quotes is that we should keep an eye on all the upcoming events/special occasions. For example, mother's day is coming (in Malaysia), so we're going to come up with quotes about mother's day. In fact, my partner has already taken action and posted a pic 1 hour ago =)
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  • Profile picture of the author Ashera
    Keep it up. I just started FB marketing again recently and having some good success with it. Getting it to be consistent is important as well as finding something good to promote.

    If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're going.
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    • Profile picture of the author Tangycontent
      Originally Posted by Ashera View Post

      Keep it up. I just started FB marketing again recently and having some good success with it. Getting it to be consistent is important as well as finding something good to promote.
      Congrats! Although I do NOT want to know how many PMs you got begging for help/information after you posted up that image...
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  • Profile picture of the author darrenchow
    It's really cool to have achieve this.
    Would you be so kind to share some tips on how you actually did it (grow your page)?
    I would like to learn it!! XD

    You bet I'm sure going to take action tonight after I reach home.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mr Nick
    This is some good stuff, nice going
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  • Profile picture of the author TheBizHelp
    Solid useful information on viral marketing.
    Thank you for that nice share. I really learnt something myself..
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  • Profile picture of the author thebarksmeow
    I'm still confused on the sharing and actually getting more fans. I had a photo that went viral and had a lot of shares.... but that didn't correlate to people liking my fan page. However, there are likes on my photo that users shared on their timeline.

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    • Profile picture of the author Tangycontent
      Originally Posted by thebarksmeow View Post

      I'm still confused on the sharing and actually getting more fans. I had a photo that went viral and had a lot of shares.... but that didn't correlate to people liking my fan page. However, there are likes on my photo that users shared on their timeline.
      The best option for growing your Facebook page is to have some sort of call to action that requires liking the page to get anything.

      Offerpop Home | Facebook Twitter Marketing Social Media does a good job with contests, etc. that can be easily run from any FB page.
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  • Profile picture of the author brunom
    Really nice stats! Don't use Facebook myself, but I may have to start doing so!
    1500 Backlinks For Youtube Videos

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  • Profile picture of the author mosthost
    Does anyone have success getting Facebook people to buy?
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  • Profile picture of the author Blue445nm
    Amazing right there!

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  • Profile picture of the author anthm
    I noticed the same thing experimenting with Pinterest. Quotes, especially motivational ones with action words as you said, get repinned in the hundreds! Especially ones attributed to someone famous, more so than the same or similar quote with no person attributed to it. Great work!
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    • Profile picture of the author Karen Blundell
      I actually can really relate to this post. The one video of mine that has the most views is the one that Mother Teresa immortalized.

      Quotes are hugely popular. Many of my Twitter followers use quotes and I often retweet the ones that resonate with me.

      I think the OP is on to something
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  • Profile picture of the author TomasFH
    Thanks for the great information, I might plan out some quotes to do for my own niche!
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  • Profile picture of the author intluser
    +1. I will be using this method. Thanks for the tips!
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  • Profile picture of the author Takuya Hikichi
    It's an interesting post and I haven't seen anyone using Thanks button and I will be the first one.

    If you would like to Thank him for the post, let's use that button, everyone.
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  • Profile picture of the author FrankWellington
    Great information... Thanks for sharing!
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