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for example, i've registered a domain (which was registered 10 years ago and 2 years ago was expired and now is free to register).
-that domain had no penalties or such things..
-it has no backlinks or any seo.. it's is just a free domain.

i know, that when an expired domain is registered, there is created a whois record like this: - new registration at 2000 year
-expired at 2010 year - new registration at 2012 year

does such expired,old domain has any bigger advantage compared to the newly, fresh registered domain? (i don't mean anything about Keywords,i just say about domain advantages)
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    Domains that expired two years ago have no adventage.
    If they were blacklisted or something that should have been removed.
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    As there was a large gap in time between registering the domain names I would say no.
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    Nope, buying aged domains refers to either sites that are still registered, or JUST dropped, the former being the better - they need to still be in the index.
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