Promoting a channel...any thoughts?

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Hey fellow awesome warriors!

I recently started streaming on twitchdottv (a video streaming service for gamers) and I'm trying to brainstorm ways to get subscribers and viewers so I can get a partnership with twitchdottv.

There are two approaches I am planning to take but need a push in the right direction. Twitch allows you to embed your stream and chat box anywhere. Have you guys seen a service around or can you recommend a service that could embed my stream and chat to hundreds if not thousands of sites (preferable gaming related)?

Second is giveaways. I would love to give away Xbox live cards and PSN cash to my subscribers. Are there any sites that are popular where you can go list these types of giveaways with the rules/regulations of the giveaway?

As always I appreciate any feedback you can provide. The WF has always treated me well when it comes to getting the ball rolling on stuff like this.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!
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