Following Up is Like Eating Cake

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Hey - Mark here, if you have a list, then you know the importance of following up with them on a weekly basis. Basically, having your cake and eating it to.

I'm thinking about redesigning my follow up sequences, mainly because it just isn't pulling the kind of results I'm wanting. However, I'm looking for some pointers.

...And thus I have some questions??

1. If you could, pretend you just joined my list and started to receive my follow ups, what are some of the things you would want to see and what results would you want?

2. What is the process you take when constructing your sequences?

Now I know, deliver good useable "results in advanced" type content, but one of my goals with the follow up sequence is to double my investment from the paid traffic sources I use within seven days. (important)

So for example, if I bought a $280 solo ad, within seven days of the mailing, I would like to recoup (make) $560 +.

Also, I do some weekly live q/a mastermind sessions with my audience, so after the follow up sequence has run it's course, I use that as a part of the follow sequence.

In addition, I know that the reason why they joined my list (I.E. The lead magnet I used) plays a big role in some of the content I should start the follow up sequence with.

(And for those who want to know the squeeze page I'm building the list on, this is what the page looks like.)

Basically, it is a WordPress add-on, that allows you to create the blank (white) page and it works on any WordPress theme, in addition to the WP add-on, I'm giving away my viral marketing elite plug-in.

Now I'm not asking questions on how I can improve the squeeze page, because it is already consistently pulling at around 60% - 71% and has tipped off at 81% a couple of times. I'm just looking for some help in developing a results based follow up sequence that converts.

So, what I was thinking about is starting off the follow up sequence with some good traffic generation tips and methods.

Anyway, I don't want this to be a long thread.

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