Inviting Prospects to a Webinar

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I am interested in knowing if anyone has experience in inviting prospects to a webinar?

I am speaking about prospects that you personally do not know. These could be prospects that are members of your list or other ways of reaching them.

What is the best way of letting them know about the webinar, but first finding out who you sent to the webinar so that you can contact them after the webinar is over?
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    Your question is a little confusing. I am not sure what you want to know exactly.

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    Simply send out an email to your list.

    When you use GoToWebinar you can see who signed up.
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  • I send an email and invite them, often strangers I don't know invite other strangers I don't know for me if it's something they like that I'm covering on the webinar.

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    I am not the admin of the program nor am I the one conducting the webinar.

    I am looking for a way to invite people to a webinar and later to contact them after the webinar. I want them to join the program under my team.

    I could easily send an email to a list telling them to attend a webinar. But I really would not know who actually attended the webinar. The only solution I can think of is to ask them to contact me after they attend the webinar. But I am interested in knowing if there is a better approach.
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