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Hey guys,

This board has already helped me to see that I can make a living online, and has given me the confidence to really go for it.

Thank you to everyone who helps to make this the best resource to those trying to make a living online.

In return I thought I would contribute in the small way that I can. It might not be helpful to all of you, but if you write articles regularly then you may find some of these resources helpful.

I'm a stickler for backing up what I say with credible studies, so these are some of the databases I have found
useful for researching.

You should begin looking for studies once you've decided on your topic. So, for example if my topic is "weight loss" I will then search journal databases for this to find out what the latest evidence is on my subject.

If I wanted to be more specific, I might search in PubMed for "weight loss + green tea" or "weight loss + exercise".

The following info will help you to carry out credible research on the internet:

#1 Google
Obviously Google can be a good starting point, but it shouldn't be your only source of info.

#2 Scholarly Journals
University researchers publish thousands of articles in relation to their topic of interest. This research is typically very high quality, however you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 up for your own copy of these journals.

But, thanks to open access journals you can access some of them for free. #3 Abstract Databases
These resources allow you to access journal abstracts:

I've also heard that if you find an abstract of an article you want, but can't pay for, you can contact the author and request a "pre-print copy." I haven't tried this though, so I'm not sure how successful you'd be.

#4 Other
  • Radical Reference - the librarians who run this site often have access to research databases and may be able to provide you with the information you need, even if they can't email you an entire article.
  • The Internet Public Library - this is a wonderful resource, and is actually the first public library on and for the internet community.
Do you know of any other resources freely available online?
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    Thank you much!
    There are some real treats in here.


    Miles to go before I sleep.

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      I usually do all of my searches on dogpile because it allows me to search all of the major search engines at the same time. When talking about research it is always necessary to consider the credibility of the source, especially with the online environment where anyone can put up anything. Generally if you can get information from .edu domains that is a great source because it is typically considered an extremely credible source.
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    Thank you, very nice!

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    Thanks guys!

    @cshilling22 Totally agree with you, searching on the net can bring up all sorts of very poor quality info, you need to be somewhat critical about what you read and use as your evidence.

    — Melanie (RD)

    Weight loss/fitness marketers earn 75% per sale with... The Fat Reversal Formula
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      Hey Dietriffic (what a cool username),
      You're a dietician, do you write articles on the diet niche?
      The sources you mentioned above (thanks much for them)
      are they only for researching the health niche alone?

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        Hi Olatude,

        Yes I do write articles in the diet niche - over at my blog

        The sources above are mixed, for example Directory of Open Access Journals have topics such as languages and literature, mathematics and statistics, and philosophy and religion.

        — Melanie (RD)

        Weight loss/fitness marketers earn 75% per sale with... The Fat Reversal Formula
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