How to get more visitors on my website

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Please tell me online marketing strategy for get huge visitors on my website
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    Hi sksingh1,

    Here are the top 3 things that I have in mind.

    1. Quality Content
    Rationale: Simple. Visitors may not bookmark your website if they read irrelevant and poor content. Quality content is more than just writing content that passes Grammarly and CopyScape. It is writing something with your readers' interests in mind. Determine your target readers. If you were that reader, what will catch your attention to continue reading a 700-word content?

    2. List Building
    Most of my clients are ordering ebooks from us. Here's their strategy. They will order 2 reports or ebooks. One with a 20-page report/ebook and another with a 50 to 100-page ebook/report. They are using that short report/ebook and we pack it up with very poweful information. We make sure that their readers would tell themselves "If this is how great the info that this guy is showing in this FREE report, what more is in that 50 or 100-page report/ebook?"

    Does it make sense to you?

    3. Link Building
    With Google Penguin, it's important to consider the article submission directory that you're using. A year ago, posting an article about bicycles into a directory about Viagra was still okay. That's a thing of the past already. Make sure that you're posting to an article submission directory that talks about the same niche that you have. There are many factors and I just don't want to list them all in here with respect to our fellow Warriors who provide link building services. I'll leave that part to them.

    I hope these help.

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    I agree with everything mindreaderwriter says, so I won't repeat what was said, rather I will give some examples and tips for the link building and list building. (I feel quality content was explained pretty well and the bottom line is to use common sense and provide content that you yourself would want to get.)

    List building
    Put a sign up form on your site. You can use something like mailchimp or constant contact for this. Then offer something free like an ebook that will provide value to the reader and make them willing to give up their email for it. After that stay in contact with your email list and provide more free ebooks, advice, recommendations, and not just affiliate links to products. It is always important to space out your email blasts and if you plan on recommending products for affiliate income, build their trust first and then limit yourself to one or two links every month. This way people will not unsubscribe from your list. This is by far one of the best ways to keep people coming back to your site. It's a heck of a lot easier to keep a customer or reader than it is to go out and find a new one.

    Link Building
    Social bookmarking, guest posting, building a site for people and not search engines, leaving blog comments on relevant blogs, contributing on forums like Warrior forum and not just spamming everyone, using free content sites like Hubpages and Squidoo, and posting on article directories for your niche like mindreaderwriter said. And for all of your link building tactics make sure everything you do is relevant to your niche and is high quality content that will provide value to users to comply with Google Penguin standards.
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    @mindreaderwriter & @jwarnimo, thanks for your suggestions. I also want to get more visitors and you suggestions helps me. I am applying those methods you suggested. Thanks Again.
    An Information Technology Blog
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      Hello All,
      I want to promote the products of my sites, through social networking sites what will be the better options for that and how to do it.
      Mizuno MP 63 Irons
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      bdbloggerz - Don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.

      Originally Posted by bdbloggerz View Post

      @mindreaderwriter & @jwarnimo, thanks for your suggestions. I also want to get more visitors and you suggestions helps me. I am applying those methods you suggested. Thanks Again.
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        Originally Posted by mindreaderwriter View Post

        bdbloggerz - Don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.
        Thanks for replying.
        My site getting 100+ visitors in average daily. I want to get more visitors.
        I share my articles in facebook, twitter, tumblr, google+, reddit etc.
        I try to write quality content in interesting topics.
        My site have low backlinks, its only 16.
        How to get more backlinks in short time.
        I get less time to interact in forums and other other blogs to make backlinks.
        Is there any way to make real and quality backlinks automatically in short time?:confused:
        Please, help me.

        Thanks in advanced.
        An Information Technology Blog
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    u can start with
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    Hi, the content and backlink are the two most important ways for a website to get more visitors. The website shall be user-friendly that can draw the attention of more and more visitors.
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    You should focus on the following to get more traffic.
    Post quality and unique content on your site.
    Optimise your site for search engines.
    Build back links to your site.
    Submit articles.
    Use face book, twitter, youtube.
    Blog commenting
    Good luck
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    Join same day, post, dont reply to advice, sticks out like a sore thumb.
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    As far as I think the best internet marketing strategy is to build a list. Building a list starts from offering freebies that would help the community. This will help you build a relationship with the potential customers making them subscribed to your opt ins for free materials that they can use.And i think internet marking strategies is to use an all in one Tool that help you in building backlinks through Blogging, Web 2.0, Article directories, Profile forums, RSS , indexer, pinging, social marketing (Twitter, video , Facebook & etcs) , Social bookmarking and many more.
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    from what i am working on paid solo ads and free solo ads are getting the traffic to sites i see.

    where the vision is to get you the best commissions and a ton of here!

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    For me works the best:

    Forum marketing
    Guest Posting
    eBook Syndication
    Pay With A Tweet method
    Video Marketing
    And Building Relationships

    And this is how I am using it Traffic Strategies That WORKS!
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    I suggest everyone who comes out with question about traffic just to perform a search
    for "traffic" and find numerous threads on the subject. You will find much more information
    that way than you can get in this one thread.

    To help you start, here are few great threads about traffic:
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    Social traffic source like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc can generate quick traffic to your website other than the traditional SEO.
    Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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    The first thing is you have create a quality content and then you have make good back links from top ranking websites and then do some social networking promotions
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    This is what I do...
    Step 1: Create content. Make sure at least 2 to 3 quality posts.
    Step 2: Link Building in directory site. Search for directory sites either local area or general area, you can prioritize by checking the alexa ranking on this sites. Start posting you website link to all the sites that you can find. Don't bother if its do or no follow link. The key is to get people visiting the sites to your website.
    Step 3: Using your content, create video, powerpoint and article. Start posting to scribd, squidoo, ezine, youtube.
    Step 4 (optional - need to pay): Look for high alexa ranking classified ads sites (eg: usfreeads, craiglist) and start posting your sites.
    Step 5: Continue to post in your website.

    Hope this helps!
    Stay consistent and FOCUS!
    This is the best system to succeed in internet marketing.
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    depends on what kind of site you have and what methods are u using to get traffic to your site.
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    Hmmm . . let's see:

    Guest blogging
    Blog commenting
    Your own blog
    Quality, unique content that isn't overly optimized
    Forum marketing
    Article marketing & syndication
    Social media
    You Tube
    Organic SEO tactics
    Viral marketing through free giveaway product (ebook, report, video, etc.)

    That should get you started

    Ghostwriting Services - Exceptional Content With An SEO Twist!
    Internet Marketing Tips - Straight Talk Marketing! Is Success on YOUR Horizon?
    Content Writing Services - Great. Content. Period.

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    Well, taking lessons I've learned from watching a few different people on YouTube:
    1 - They provide top quality content for a long time with a small number of views/subscribers
    2 - One day they happen to post a video related to a topic/video that's just starting to go viral.
    3 - They then receive a huge number of views over the next few days, and - if their existing content is great - they basically become popular overnight.

    So the answer:
    Keep on top of the latest news in your niche.
    Post quality over quantity.
    Post regularly - one day it'll take off.

    Edit: I should point out that you should do this in combination with the other methods suggested here, but ALWAYS post QUALITY over quantity.
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    Mindreaderwriter has it spot on. The only thing I would add to his comment is to include social media. It has become a very powerful source of traffic and thus helping build your list.

    Make The Money Online Dot Com
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    • Write quality content that provides fresh information and keeps readers engaged. Start a SEO campaign and focus on link building, forum posting, article marketing, blog commenting, and video marketing. Make sure your website is optimized for search engines. Include a link to your site in your social media profiles and forum signatures.
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    Is there a particular type of traffic you are looking for? Organic or Paid.
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    Yahoo Answers can be a great source of targeted traffic - just be sure to actually provide value in your answers, and only link to a site that does genuinely help to answer the question - ie not just an optin form or a sales page.
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    consider yahoo answers on the same niche. i made an experiment on a new site that makes 10-15 visitors per day. Did something like 20 yahoo answers for a 2 days . I answered 40-50 questions and almost tripled my daily visitors in after 2 days. I know if you do it everyday, it will work out fine as a source of traffic. Together with other promotions, you will definitely have some decent traffic going to your website

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    There are TONS of ways, too many to list.
    Want more Leads and Sales for your business?

    >> 7 Day Free SEO Trial and Consultation <<

    We're THAT confident.
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    Paid traffic, then put all profits into longterm SEO strategies
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    You have the right idea by posting here - but you are in the wrong place. You need to go where there are people who want what you are advertising. Then make an interesting comment, post something useful etc.

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    For want more visitor on your site you can do posting on social media side,s like
    Google +
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    Originally Posted by sksingh1 View Post

    Please tell me online marketing strategy for get huge visitors on my website
    I found the advertisement for "SC Limousine Service LLC" on this Paid To Click Website

    PTC Website: ttp://

    Company website: ttp://
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    As I was looking through the list, there are some great answers. I wrote a few down.

    There was one questionable answer. Paid traffic. I would have to do major research before I ever considered buying traffic. Having bots visit your site will do nothing for your bottom line.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    A backlinking campaign to get your site to #1 in google and while you wait for that to happen, do some heavy social media marketing and start engaging people in your niche.

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