is it just me or are many companies not bothering replying to emails?

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OK this isn't spamming businesses with SEO, social etc thsis is genuine enquiries about their products. Even filling out forms on the site...Yet I'd guess less than 10% bother replying.

Why is this? Are they not taking email seriously anymore? Drowned in spam? Taking one week+ to reply?

It's got to the stage where I can't be bothered emailing companies any more about their products. You have to phone them.

Anyone else come across this?
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    Go Personal and door to door rather then E-MAIL !!

    There are thousands of people who spam their inbox daily with different offers..

    Probably writing on their facebook pages will help!!
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    HMM^^ Again this is not a service i am offering them....It's about their products I want to buy etc.... I am not flying half way round th world to buy a $1,000 course, software etc...The whole point is not to.

    Personally, I think they have given up due to spammers. Understaffed and simply don't bother.

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    YeaH IT DEFO PUTS ME OFF BUYING. I mean if it takes them 5+ days to rep,y to email (if ever) what does it say about their support?

    But I have noticed this trend over the past 12 months+ It's hard to even get a reply to emails. Why? Spam?

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    I've noticed this, too. For instance, when I was looking for an accountant and business lawyer, very few replied to my emailed inquiries.

    Originally, I assumed they were either overwhelmed with clients or they thought I was too small-fry to bother with. Yes, I could call, but to me email response is also an indication of the level of customer service. I really don't want to work with a company that doesn't bother answering emails.

    I happened to mentioned the problem on another forum I frequent. A former corporate tech trainer there said a lot of business owners and execs don't even know how to use email.

    I think because we work online, we think email should be as simple as a phone call. Well, apparently for a lot of people it isn't. Of course, this shouldn't really apply to people selling products online, but hey.

    I still think that's poor customer service, though. Why even offer an email if you never check it?

    The exception I've found so far has been immigration assistance companies. I think they're used to working with far-away clients who don't want to spend on an international phone call.
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    It takes a lot of time to respond to emails if there is no one dedicated to answering them. I find that if I leave a very descriptive header, I get better results. If people see that you are in fact a potential customer and not a "Tire Kicker," then your email may get opened quicker.
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