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Does anyone understand this?

I hope someone can explain this. I really am trying to understand and build accordingly. I am new at this obviously.

Here's the scenario: Almost three months ago I began a blog that I write five days a week. I researched the subject and enjoy writing about it. It is where I approach (I think) young to mid business people with the dangers of corporate espionage.

I write about countermeasures they can take to protect themselves.

I don't have a big readership but I am happy with the numbers although I am sure some of you would laugh at them. I have a good portion (4% or so) that is all over the world, which is pretty neat also.

I have three amazon astores which I advertise with clickable icons at the top and at the bottom of each blog. I also have Goliath so I have professional ads before and after each blog. So all the ads when clicked are Well done ads.

Here is the problem. I started the ads about one month after starting the blog. I have consistent clicks. For April the numbers were 1136 unique clicks and 1139 total clicks. For May, the numbers so far (the 11th) is 859 clicks with 856 unique clicks.

Some of you may laugh at these small numbers but I am really happy. The problem is that with all these clicks on amazon, I have no sales. None.

It's not that I wrote the ads so badly, as they are being clicked on. But is this real? That many clicks with no sales?

With no sales, I have no idea who is really reading my materials.

What am I doing wrong?
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    It may be that the users of your site expect to see only books or ebooks relating to the subject matter in your blog in the Amazon ads. If they are 'general' type of ads, then clicks on them will not result in sales. Amazon is a tricky market to make money from. Some people see it goes to Amazon and they leave.

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    Does the number of clicks seem reasonable compared to the number of visitors your site has? Are you using a script of some kind to pull the listings from Amazon?

    I ask because a couple of years ago I set up a similar blog using one of the "scraper" programs that pulls Amazon listings based on keywords you feed it. This was a brand new blog that was getting maybe two or three visitors a week. We're talking zero traffic. But every time this software made a post to my site, suddenly I would have several hundred clicks on my links.

    The script developers denied any possible correlation, of course, but I've seen a lot of others complain about similar stats, so I wonder if that's whats going on here, too?
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      I do not know about the amazon but it sounds to me like you are getting traffic and the you are getting people to do what you want and that is to get the "click." This is the most desirable action that you will want people to do on your site so here is my advise.

      Since you are getting people to click Maybe you could put up a capture page and say something like here is a free espionage report that you can use so that these things will not happen to your business. Put a link to a squeeze page and get there name and email give them a free report on how they can keep this from happening to them then inside the report you could pre-sell some amazon products and you may get a lot better ratio of buyers.

      Then you could create an email series that gives then tips on cooperate espionage. I would never put all the information on that email though I would just say in the email to check out this months corporate espionage newsletter to find out how you can stop XXXXX. Then send them to a page on your site with that information on it. All the info should be good information and the you have a banner on the side bar for a product and in the newsletter you simply link some keywords to the product and at the end of the newsletter you say something like If you want to use the same thing that I use to keep this from happening click here and link that to the same product.

      This is what I call a silent salesman. You want to be the expert in your field and you want people to know and trust that you are trying to help them. Never sell to them. People hate to be sold to but they love to buy things. They just want it to be there idea.

      That newsletter needs to make there pain so bad that they have got to get a solution to it. Find out there pain, get them thinking about themselves, make a video that slaps them in the face with there pain then give them a solution. If you do this right people will buy anything that you have.

      I hope that this helps you and if you need anything else you can connect with me on skype and I will be happy to talk to you.
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    Ok - I''m clearly being thick or stupid, but I don't see what your site has to do with corporate espionage.

    You are selling home security systems, aren't you?

    You need to research what corporate espionage actually is. Write some relevant articles, give relevant advise on how to avoid it, how to protect yourself against it and how to spot when/if it is happening.

    Then find some relevant products.
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    Hi Rosetrees:

    I really do thank you for writing. I do appreciate it. I do not understand your suggestions, though.

    I am not selling home security systems. My Goliath ads are a variety of security equipment. My three amazon astores are: one with books about corporate espionage, especially cyber attacks. The second is security equipment of various sorts. The third is security systems which can be for small to medium businesses and I suppose it could be for homes, also.

    My articles are about the countermeasures that could be taken in order to prevent social engineering which often leads to business espionage.
    I do thank you for writing but am baffled by your comments.




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