Get $0.03-$0.05 CPC on Facebook Ads

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Did You Know Getting Cheap Click on Facebook Ads Is Easy And Simple..

Who Else Here Don't Know How To get Cheap click...

Please Share My Be I can Give You Simple tips...

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    School me Oswaldo
    I've spent the last 59 months building 412 MFA sites. Each site averages 8 cents per day...I said average, some make up to 17 cents per day, PASSIVE INCOME! This income allows me to live comfortably and buy ANY flavor Jolly Rancher or Skittles I desire. Don't give in to fear, it CAN be done!
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    Very easy you need a fanpage to promotewithin Facebook itself.
    The higher your CTR the better your ad score, the cheaper the clicks.
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    This looks interesting!!
    As above it is much cheaper to stay within facebook rather than use them to send traffic to a landing page or direct linking to an offer.
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    Cheaper, but another hurdle for your traffic to jump through.
    ad>fbpage>fbapp (landing page)

    Plus the new pages layout makes clickthroughs to your app/lander harder to optimize.
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    Agree with carrot on this one..

    Just tested it and only got a 44% CTR from the Fanpage / app to the offer (Measured with 104 clicks total)

    Id like to know what the experience and advise from the Guru's is on this...

    Use direct linking to the offer or use a fanpage with app?
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