Best venue for instructional video?

by ckbank
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Hey everyone. Just wondering what you fine people think is the best place for selling instructional videos. Amazon, Clickbank, etc.
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    From the ones you set as exemple, I would go for clickbank even though it can be anything you wish for.
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    It all depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

    You could build membership sites with that content or you could setup a sales page and offer it through click bank like the OP suggests or you could turn it into a physical product and offer it through your own web site and send traffic to your offer via PPC.

    It is up to what your resources are, if you are handy at doing the tech stuff or if you have the cash to pay for it to be done.
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    I'd suggest just going with somewhere that's reputable, established and that has an affiliate program integrated into it. Clickbank or JVzoo are both good options.

    The important thing is to get the videos up and selling, the place isn't that important as long as it has the features I've mentioned above.
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    How about setting up a freemium blog.. give some videos away free, then have the rest for paid members only. You could use a Wordpress plugin such as Digital Access Pass or Wishlist Member, as well as Optimize Press.
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    I could build just that sort "freemium blog" WP website for you .. Setup where people have access to say 5 videos after that then they have to upgrade to a membership account.. you can have diff levels of memberships as well if you wanted.. Works like a charm if you offer solid content that people want more of..

    Check us out Or PM with info...
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