How should I decide a theme at ThemeForest?

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With plethora of mouth watering options available for WP themes at ThemeForest, how should I decide my theme ?

I am looking for a theme for my membership site having a corporate look and feel in the front end.

Though they have a demo site for every theme I am afraid what would happen if theme doesn't work acc to my needs or is not compatible with my membership plugin (DAP). I don't think they provide money back guarantee or some sort of exchange guarantee.

How do you select a theme at ThemeForest?
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    only you can choose the right theme :-)

    the good thing with WP is it is sooo easy to change if you dont like it :-)

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    I always sort them by ratings, and then also look at number of sales. Once I narrow it down to a few that I like, I will go in and read the comments of the other purchasers, and see if there are any known issues with the theme, if anyone is doing any customizations, and if the developer is responsive in his comments thread.

    Your experience might be different, but this is how I almost always do it over there.
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    I usually go by rating.
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    ThemeForest is a great resource if you are looking to purchase a WordPress theme. You can choose from over one thousand themes. This amount of choice can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because more choice usually means lower prices and lots of variety. A curse because with so many themes to choose from it can be hard to decide which one to buy. To solve this problem, you need to find some way of reducing the available options
    Here's how to do it

    You need a clear set of criteria to guide you.
    Think about the last time you bought a house. You probably used a set of criteria then to help you choose. You may have focused only on houses in a certain location. Perhaps you only looked at detached houses with at least three bedrooms and large south-facing rear gardens. Maybe off-road parking was a biggie for you, or having a great school nearby. Whatever your criteria were, they helped. And the same is true when you are looking to buy a new WordPress theme

    A good first question to ask is what type of theme do you require?
    Are you looking for a personal blog template, a portfolio template or a corporate template? ThemeForest helps by allowing you to select only themes corresponding to your areas of interest. There are 238 themes in the blog/magazine category, 475 themes in the creative category and 445 themes in the corporate category. The numbers are still big but less daunting than the number that you started with

    Colour and layout
    Having some idea about what colour and layout you would like will also help you whittle down the number of themes. You can quickly check the colour and layout of each theme by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail image in order to see a larger image of how the theme looks. When you find a theme of interest you can look at it in even more detail with the live preview and screenshot options


    You will want your theme to look good in all the major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome. And not just in the latest versions of those browsers, either. Not everyone updates his or her browser when a new version becomes available. For example, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is now available, but there are many people still using IE7 or IE8, while some are still using IE6. Most theme designers will have made sure that their design works across both the latest browser versions and older browser versions. If they have not, this could be another good excuse to look elsewhere.
    By this stage, you should have a shortlist of themes you love. But it's possible to reduce the list still further by looking at how much support is available post purchase

    Theme designers often give support via the comments section associated with the theme on ThemeForest itself, or they may provide support through a separate website. With some themes, both options may be available
    Look at the comments associated with the theme. Look at the support website. Is the designer an active participant? Does the designer answer questions in a timely manner? If support is lacking, you may want to look elsewhere
    Some customers include a link to their website when they ask a question. Visit their website to see what they have done with the theme. Have they used the standard version, or have they customised it? It's possible to get some good ideas using this approach, ideas that can help your website stand out from the crowd. Look at their website in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Does it behave in these browsers as the designer promised?

    When you first visit ThemeForest in search of a WordPress theme, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. With over one thousand WordPress themes to choose from, you need some way of reducing the available options. One way of doing this is to have a clear set of criteria that allows you to reduce the available options to a more manageable number, to a number that doesn't paralyse you but allows you to take action. If you follow this approach, choosing a new theme should be a simple, quick and pain-free experience.
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    Stories of Another day can be saved by your STEPS
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