What software/service you use for catching expired domain nowadays?

by Fking
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OK, domainface were great for me, but since they can't fix their issues for the last few months I'm on the look out for new software/service that does similar job.
What do you use at the moment and why you choose it over the others?

the more automated the better for me and if they have auto bidding, great!
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    Great to hear that such software exist!
    Really want to get my hands on certain domains with certain keywords.
    I just subscribed to this thread. Will watch out to see such automation.
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    I have used domainface and I have to say they are the best program, I suggest waiting it out rather than waste money and time getting another unreliable program.
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    Hiya, Check out Domainpeeker, this one is great
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    I just purcchased a wso the other day that uses information from godaddy and a host of other sources. It checks pr, traffic so I already find this a useful tool.
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    I just tend to use a pr plugin for godaddy auctions, but i dont flip domains, just buy to build out.
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    mrelk159 i waited long enough, cant wait no more

    Jet Chan, will check it out, hopefully its really good

    AlexGill, if it's good please PM me the WSO
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