Article Spinning will ban you from Google

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Hi all,

I have just watched a video from Smart Passive Income website
The person is taking about creating one great article and spin the article and send it to hundreds of article directories which than will link to a web 2.0 website and than link-back to your main website .

We all know that Google is working had to ban websites that use this kind of techniques. Do you think that it is a safe technique to use? What would be a good alternative strategy instead of article spinning?

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    If you're watching the video that I think you are, it's about 2 years old. It was one of the first things I ever watched when I got into IM. Back then, it was great advice. Nowadays, notsomuch.

    The best strategy that's an alternative to spinning is to write the content yourself OR pay someone to write it for you. There IS NO SUBSTITUTE to Unique, High Quality Content.

    -- j

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      Thank J again. You ROCK!!!!

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        Originally Posted by mbacchi View Post

        Thank J again. You ROCK!!!!
        If you think I rock, pay 100x the attention to Alexa that you do to me. She is amazing when it comes to this article stuff. When she gives you links, make sure you click and read every single one of them.

        -- j

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          It seems that she download information from the divine She is great and I am going to read every single word and check all the links for sure. Thanks you all for making this forum an amazing place!

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    the simple spinning by replacing words/phrases with synonyms is surely unwise and unsafe these days. Having said that, advanced spinning technques sometimes called 3D spinning when you spin at paragraph, sentence and word level would always work great. However, this kind of advanced spinning is quite time consuming and not many people know how to do it properly. Plus for backlinking only it's too much work and maybe unjustufied.
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    No Spinning, it's a very risky way to build a business and gives a horrible user experience .. YUCK.

    Don't you just hate when you end up on an article that's spun? I sure do.
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    Originally Posted by mbacchi View Post

    We all know that Google is working had to ban websites that use this kind of techniques.
    Yes, this seems to be so.

    Originally Posted by mbacchi View Post

    Do you think that it is a safe technique to use?
    Very clearly not!

    But that doesn't matter, actually, because it was a technique that had no benefits, anyway. The benefits that people claimed they got by spinning, they could have had without spinning. They just didn't know. Many were fooled by inaccurate and deceptive claims made by others promoting spinning software and/or services.

    Originally Posted by mbacchi View Post

    What would be a good alternative strategy instead of article spinning?
    Not spinning!

    I can suggest six little items to read, which offer real insight ...

    (i) This post explains the benefits of spinning;

    (ii) This post, and its links, explain how article directories really work and why they exist;

    (iii) The first half (or so) of this thread contains a good discussion of what you can gain from spinning articles;

    (iv) The advice on this subject given by so many people throughout most of this thread has been really helpful to many people here;

    (v) On the meaning and significance of "duplicate content", in this context, this little post from expert article marketer Anne Pottinger includes direct quotations from Google's WebMaster Central Blog on the subject (not easy to find a more authoritative source than that!);

    (vi) This little article is also a very useful and accurate explanation of the subject.
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    I would never use spun articles on my own website, mainly because you would want to offer high quality articles.
    As for creating backlinks where I use them for article directories etc., I still use spun articles super spun to be exact. Works to this very day like a charm.
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    Why not concentrate on your OnPage- SEO? Its better to post quality content on your own website.
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    Nope...go with unique content especially if you are putting on your own website.

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    While I never, ever, ever use spun content on my money sites or the sites that I sell I have seen some success using spun content for link building. I only use spun content for unmonetized properties that link back to my main money sites which all use unique content.

    I use manually spun content at both the sentence, paragraph, and word level for link building. Good manually spun content is still useful to the end user and if you get 70 percent+ unique output it will still get indexed. Note that while Google will often index and give credit for spun automated gibberish if its "unique" enough I just don't do it, unethical in my opinion.

    Google is cracking down on unnatural link building in general, regardless if it is from within spun content or not, but that's a whole other topic. Using spun content to build links in and of itself is not an issue.
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    Is it safe to spin articles ? Is it safe now to have a website that gets any link that looks unnatural ?

    Lots of theory, only way to know is to test.

    Does article spinning still work ( ie profitable ?) Yes.

    Is it a risk ? Yes

    Can you make thousands per month using this method ? Yes

    Can your website get deindexed ? Possibly.

    Is it a long term strategy ? Probably not, use micro sites and not your best.

    Only way to really answer these questions is to test it yourself.

    Put up a blog/ website with some content, submit 3 spun articles per day for a month with variety of anchor texts to sites such as UAW, track results and split test with other sites, other methods.

    I had many websites that got slammed in the recent updates, some had spun content pointing to them and others didn't.
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    All great advice above. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

    When it comes to spinning I have to ask....would you continue to visit a site for any topic you valued if you suspected or knew for sure it was mostly spun?

    I know that I wouldn't. When I'm searching for info on the Web, if I find a site that reeks of spinning, I honestly don't trust the information.

    So if you really want visitors to enjoy your sites and return, doing any type of spinning is not wise just from that viewpoint.

    PS. Don't forget to check Alexa's links. They are always the best ever. (Thanks Alexa).
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      There is nothing that infuriates me more than to see a site ranking high with gibberish. I write all my own content and to see someone zoom on past me and my original, done by hand content as well as all the other sites with good readable content that provides value makes me want to simply spam the **** out of them. I understand that there are only so many ways, in some cases, to write about a particular topic, but that does not excuse it at all. Google will get hold of these sites soon enough...?
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