You Guys Are Physic! I Love This Forum!

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It seems as though every time I try to do some research into another aspect of IM, I come in here and there is either a really good post, or there's a nugget in the War Room, or just yesterday there was a FREE WSO on the very topic I was trying to learn about!

I spend waaaay too much time in here, but between searching the original forum and it's wealth of information and the posts from the new 'fresh' forum there is so much to learn in here. And I'm not even counting the War Room until Allen gets it all back to normal...

I'm broke and can't afford to buy everything that comes along, but that has been a blessing in a way, because there is so much to learn in here! If you're new to IM, don't buy everything that comes along until you've searched the forum(s), old and new and then there's the free ebooks...WOW.

Thanks for all the information, I've been 'dabbling' in IM since the early nineties, but until I found this forum I was just searching in the dark.

This forum has given me direction and tips that have allowed me to finally start making some money as a marketer. I am way too new to market to you guys, but I have found some niches that will eventually make me some money at this.

Thanks to all of you!
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    You know, I kind of took it personally when I read your thread title.


    physic –noun 1.a medicine that purges; cathartic; laxative.

    What exactly are you accusing us of here?
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