How You Make Guest Blogging Work For You

by nrupen
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Dear Warriors,
Specially those who are very successful in getting traffic by guest blogging, I have a humble request. Can you please outline your exact method of guest blogging which you use to get traffic.

If you don't want to go in details then at least specify which guest blogging services you use to become highly successful with guest blogging.
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    I'm currently trying to study the subject so I'm interested too.
    Do you use Facebook ? Then you can make money just by inviting people to a Facebook group ! It's called the Instant Income System. How cool is that?
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    Just got this off

    Best Blogging Tips | Blog Design | Blog Themes | Grow Your Blog - For Bloggers By Bloggers

    hope it helps

    Make It Great

    This should pretty much go without saying, but the amount of guest posts I’ve read where you can see the author has basically just mailed it in is both surprising and disappointing.
    If someone has taken the time to give you real estate on their blog and put you in front of their audience, the very least you can do is make sure that the post you provide is top notch. Before you send the post, ask yourself the following questions:
    • Would I be happy posting this on my own blog?
    • Is this the best this post can possibly be on this topic?
    • Am I being relevant to the audience of the blog I’m posting on?
    Unless you can answer yes to at least two of these questions (the relevance factor may not come into play if the blog owner wants to mix things up a bit), then your guest post isn’t ready.

    What’s your guest post going to be about? Did you make the suggestion of the post, or did the blog owner ask you to guest? Either way, one thing you need to make sure of is that you do your research.
    This could be of the blog’s archives, to get a feel for the topics that normally appear there. More than likely it’s going to be about the topic you’re writing about. Names, places, facts, statistics, references – all these and more need to be checked before you submit your post.
    Let’s face it, you wouldn’t write a load of bull on your own blog, would you? So why even think about doing it to another blogger? Quote your sources and link to external references and sites and make sure the blogger you’re writing for doesn’t end up looking an ass as he or she tries to cover your mistakes in the comments.
    This might seem a harsh view, but think of it as if it was your blog. Get the facts right; get the blog right.

    While content is often quoted as king when it comes to blog posts, the look and feel of a post can go a long way toward its readability. You can have the greatest blog post in the world, but if it looks like crap then readers will be put off from the start.
    When you guest post for someone, provide the format you want it to appear in. Think of how you’d want it to appear on your blog, and then make sure you provide that information with the post itself:
    • Header(s) and sub-header(s).
    • Bullets or numbers.
    • Hyperlinks to external sources or sites.
    • Images with accreditation to the source.
    • Author bio.
    If you’re unsure on the formatting side, take a look at the blog you’re going to guest on and go with the formatting that blogger uses. Or, simply ask them.
    Don’t Be Self-Serving

    Okay, so we know that guest posting on another blog offers you new eyeballs and therefore potentially new readers of your own blog. After all, if the readers of the blog you’re guesting on like what you have to say, it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll check out more of your own stuff too.
    So why ruin that by pimping yourself shamelessly throughout your guest post?
    If you’re using resources and links to external articles to back up your guest post, don’t make all the links to older posts on your own blog.
    You (probably) don’t do that on your own posts – instead, you highlight other great content and thoughts elsewhere (or at least should be). So why should that be any different on your guest post?
    Having great content is one thing, but linking to no-one but yourself is just a lesson in narcissism. And you can be sure the readers of the blog you’re appearing at will notice that too.
    By all means, link to a post of yours you think might be relevant – but let the readers find out for themselves how great your other stuff is too. Because if you write a great guest post and it’s not self-serving, you can be sure folks will check your stuff out as soon as they’ve finished reading your guest post.
    Remember to Visit

    When you write a guest post, where do you stop? Is it the moment you finish typing and hit the Send tab on your email, or is it a quick visit to see how popular your post was?
    Or are you a blogger who genuinely cares, so you’ll follow up your guest post much like you’d follow up a post on your own blog? After all, it’s still your name on the post, so why should you act any differently just because it’s not on your own blog?
    • Respond to comments made by the readers of the blog you’re guesting on.
    • Promote via social networks, much the same as you’d promote your own stuff.
    • Connect with commenters online and continue to build the relationship started on your guest post.
    • Write a post on your own blog, expanding the discussion started in your guest post and link to it, offering more traffic to the blogger who’s giving you real estate space.
    While you don’t have to follow these unwritten rules when guest posting on another blog, they help you stand out as someone who actually gives a damn.
    After all, if you can’t be bothered to offer anything but your best when taking over another blogger’s baby, should you even bother at all?
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    In brief:

    1. Make sure the blog is relevant to your niche.
    2. Write something engaging that draws an emotive response (you don't want to be ignored, so make them love you or hate you).
    3. Set up a squeeze page specifically for people who may come from that post, with the purpose of getting their email address.
    4. Give a clear call to action in the post/author box to get people to visit that squeeze page. Tell them they'll get a free book, or whatever.
    5. Engage with them in the comments.

    — Melanie (RD)

    Weight loss/fitness marketers earn 75% per sale with... The Fat Reversal Formula
    Join me: Twitter and Facebook

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    Contact your own list about your guest post so the host will receive extra traffic from your end.

    Optimize a bit with keywords as long as it still reads naturally. If you bring the host extra traffic from the search engines, they'll definitely appreciate it and want you back.

    Over deliver on content.

    ~ Rhonda White
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    we have built relationships with the top blogs in our niche.

    Yes this has taken time, but the results traffic and sales we have got from this is INSANE.

    800 - 1000 word articles work best, and make sure you give them high quality stuff and you will not be sorry. There is so many variables, and soon enough you will see what works and what doesnt.
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    There are some great tips in here. I'm a big believer in guest blogging being an excellent way to drive traffic. I think it's one of the most overlooked ways. Find a few blogs in your niche and contact the blog owner. They'll probably be thrilled to have a guest blogger if you have a solid idea for a guest post. You should really do this multiple times a month for the best ROI.
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    • First of all, you should make a list of blogs that are in the same niche as yours. Look for high page rank websites with a lot of traffic. Create compelling content that grabs readers' attention. If you provide valuable information, people will click on your link and visit your site to find out more.
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    But does guest blogging help at all times cause in most cases the comments are being marked as spam
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      You should make a list of blogs that are related yours. Find high page rank websites with high traffic volume. Create interesting content that grabs readers' attention. When you provide great information, people will want to click on your link and find out more.
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    • Originally Posted by shahedny View Post

      But does guest blogging help at all times cause in most cases the comments are being marked as spam
      Guest blogging and blog commenting are two different things. Guest blogging entails writing a unique article that is related to a blog/website and then approaching that blog owner asking them to publish your article/post on their blog. Obviously you want to look for authority blogs that generate considerable traffic as you can not only build your own site's authority but can generate direct traffic as well.

      A good measure of testing the quality of your article is to ask yourself the question - is it good enough to be published in a glossy magazine? If the answer is 'no' then there's a good chance that the owner of an authority site will turn down your request but if the answer is 'yes' then most blog owners will be happy to publish your article.
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    I've done quite a bit of Guest Blogging in the past, including on the respectable Entrepreneurs Journey where I had one of the most viewed posts of 2011:

    Entrepreneurs Journey Guest Blogger Profile: Dee Kumar

    If the aim is for you to gain traffic from your guest posts then you really need to write posts that intrigue readers to read more about the subject on your blog/site.

    You have to remember the mindset of your reader. They are not usually going to their regular site looking for other people to follow, they are going to their regular site as that sites helps present the best writers and THUS SAVES THEM HAVING TO GO TO YOUR BLOG....

    So, immediately you must understand that you have to encourage people to take the extra step and following onto your site.

    Here are some tricks that I use:
    1. Include a link to your site within the text. Most bloggers may not allow this, but I can argue for this because of 2 basic reasons:

      1) people will scrape the sites content and although their blog will still get credit your author bio will be eliminated by the scraper meaning you get no credit. Adding a simple link in the text helps protect you and keep you happier to guest post for longer

      2) Always make the link valuable… :
    2. Add a valuable link within your article. I often write long guest posts, and it often makes sense to extract some of the long examples i use in the text and add them to my own blog. I then simply add a link within the text asking the reader to click through to my blog to read more examples. This way I am directing traffic to my blog within the text, but because I have written a very valuable post, the site owner has no objections to me doing this too. (keeps the post focused)
    3. Simple resource box: Don't overdo the resource box with 100's of things you do. Pick one thing and one reason and let the reader clearly identify they need to be reading your blog/website too. I often only write: 'If you enjoyed my article, then you should read my blog for more of my awesome content'… that does very well for me, but be sure to test the wording of the resource box to see what works best for each audience.

    I also try not to write one off articles but rather a series of articles, because this helps people to get used to your name on a guest blog and to appreciate you constant/consistent quality of your writing.

    Do not expect to write one blog post and get hoards of traffic, its consistent effort that brings you results (not to mention the great relationships I have with nearly all other writers on Yaro's blog and others that I write at).

    Guest Posting for me is about way more then simple traffic, but you asked about traffic, so hope my experience helps.
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    Google Search : "(YOUR NICHE)" "Write For Us"

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    Concentrate on creating high quality content; you'll get more traffic (google and direct clicks) from less if your content, is useful, helpful and shareable socially.

    Hope this helps.
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