How I wasted 20 hours for one stupid thing!

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Hi everybody on this forum,

I just found out that I had personally wasted about 20hr of my productive time due to my stupidity.

Now, before you quot me wrong let me quickly clarify you why I thought I was so STUPID by wasting some twenty hours or something instead of me asking for help out there!

Look, I used "Internet explorer" window browser and I also installed "Safari" and "Firefox" browsers into my computer.

And I have this sales letter which you can see the links below, into my web hosting server with an ecover for free report and the other page which I also inserted 56 days guarantee image into, both which you can check out at the button of those pages.

Now, the problem that wasted my 20hr trying to figured it out all by myself instead of me just asking you guys out here for help at early is that, I preview the sales letter at these browsers and I only saw the images on the internet browser, but the other two which is Safari and Firefox shew image blank.

I would be more than happy if you guys who used Firefox and Safari could take just some minutes of your time and check it out if the images appear or not.

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Please give me feedback...

My regards to you all
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    No problem with firefox .... no image on IE... IE really sucks... I wasted 3 months with IE...
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      You got the little boxes going on where your gif's should be showing up because your code shows like this:

      [<img src="file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Setting...s/checkbox.gif" alt="" style="width: 20px; height: 20px;" align="top" hspace="3">]

      When it should be like this:

      [<img src="images/checkbox.gif">] (leave the brackets out)

      if that doesn't work..use this:

      [<img src="/images/checkbox.gif">] (leave the brackets out)

      That's just one of them.
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    In your source code it looks like the location of your picture is set incorrectly to your personal computer.

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    Your image is not loaded up to your web host. The link to the image is refering to a location on your hard drive. Did you forget to upload the image when you put up the page. I have done that myself on a few occasions.

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      Do you have $10? This is a $10/hr job. Hire somebody.

      20 hours x $20/hr, say = $400.

      Net loss = $400 - $10 = ($390).

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