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Is anyone bored at the moment? (lol)

I'm in desperate need of help at the moment, I'm having a small issue with a snippet of code on my wordpress site and I was wondering if anyone would mind telling me what I need to do to fix this.

You see, I am trying to insert an aweber webform beneath every post in my blog but when I do, the entry form fields become distorted.

So I changed some code to fix my form field (which worked!) but then after I did so, I somehow managed to distort everything below the fixed webform.

Could somebody either offer a suggestion here, or if you'd like (I don't mind either way) - please either send me a PM, or get a hold of me on Skype. I can make you an admin to my site if you need to see things further or whatever else you'd need.

I would really appreciate any help I can get - I'm a little stuck on my project until I can get this taken care of, so it would be greatly greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much, hope to talk soon

- Bre
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    I think you may need to find a wordpress coder for that, I am not.
    A couple of suggestions I can make straight away:
    1. Contact aweber live support, describe the situation and ask their advice. If they can't fix it online they will offer you a paid assistant.
    2. Simple trick that might work - try to embed your aweber form into a table (1 row, 1 cell) and see if this fixes the issue. It probably won't, but it only takes a minute to test.

    good luck
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