Buying a domain, do I need the website?

by thedog
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Hi guys, I finally found a domain broker that only charges $19, and 5% or the sale price... and I can use my credit card.

Thing is, this is only for a domain.... not a website.

I've agreed a price of $200 for a site.... but am obviously not just going to paypal it.

The site has about 20 articles on it, it's wordpress, so it would be handy to just get it...

However, if the seller doesn't send me the site, does it really matter?

Will I still keep the PR if I create a new site with it?

Is getting the domain the main thing?

Should I just offer $150 through the broker, and paypal him the rest after he's uploaded the site on my server?
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    The PR should remain if the site has a good backlink profile, you can use SEO SpyGlass (free) to check before deciding.
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    The pr will remain with the domain name ( I bought a lot of domain name with pr from godaddy auction)
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    If you don't receive the articles and everything else, JUST the domain, you need to create and set up redirects from the article URLs to maintain PR in the long run. All the backlinks they've done will otherwise only point to Error 404 pages, which Google will pick up rather quick. Get the articles if you can, as well as any pages they had indexed that you can still use (as long as their names/business names don't appear anywhere.).

    You can always change the whole look of the site, that won't make a difference as long as the website loading speed remains the same or gets improved.
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    Its better that you can get both , website and the domain .
    Because i believe both do give weight for the PR. It is the related with the content in your site toward your domain name .
    If you get domain without the site, is hard for you to get the PR and hard to maintain as the high PR.
    If you get the site only, you might lose all the link back due to different domain name.
    So the best is get both if the PR is really important to you .
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    to keep PR and backlinks it may help to restore the site content from web archive or create a very similar one on the same topic.
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