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I'm currently developing a lead generation site in relation to the parking lot/road construction field. The idea is to have people find the site and submit their info to get an estimate on the project they need done.

I am 100 percent confident that the estimate we provide will be lower and product better than anything else, I just need the best way to get the most eyeballs on the site. Thoughts?

I have no problem sharing the site (Paving NJ | Parking Lot Paving | Road Paving | Recreational Surface Paving | New Jersey) because no one can possibly duplicate the actual contacts I have with the paving company and contractors. This is more than basic internet marketing but there is no better place to go to ask tips on driving traffic.

I'm currently focusing on the state of New Jersey .... for now.
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    Any help on this? I know I posted it at a weird hour .... but Warriors never sleep!!
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    The first option is to get it to rank in Google for the term "NJ Parking Lot Paving" or whatever it is you want to exactly target...

    A second option is to use PPC (pay per click) such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

    You can also set up a fanpage, which would make your FB clicks cheaper.

    You can also try some offline advertising like flyers or newspaper ads or even radio spots.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

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    Do you want government agencies or consumers to use this site?

    Contact me on skype (andrewmarcnathan), because I do not understand who the site is for. I think it is confusing for people to use.

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    Hi @cdispoto

    Well, if you are talking about driving traffic online, what Coby mentioned are the primary ways to drive targeted internet traffic.

    With any business, multiple forms of marketing and market presence/branding are important for increased visibility and exposure. To this end, if this is your primary focus and you want online marketing, I would definitely set up a strong and comprehensive SEO campaign so you cover the organic search/keyword traffic.

    If you then have an additional budget, targeted PPC advertising via Adwords and/or Facebook can be quite effective, but unless you are proficient, I would recommend outsourcing this to professionals.

    Finally, a 'free' or more inexpensive and potentially targeted way to approach this online would be to directly target prospects via social sharing platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. In other words, identify the businesses and their owners/leaders and solicit (no salesy) them directly. This could also be outsourced.

    Aloha ~

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    I have had great succsess with adCenter ppc the clicks are cheap and can get very targeted,
    If you know what you are doing.

    Banners, placing banners on related sites could also be very effective.

    Facebook? Nah, but you can always test.
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      LinkedIn works great for driving leads for any business. Just set up your profile as a sort of pre-sell page. Don't be too spammy though.

      Just offer good value and let people know how your business can help them. Then start contacting business owners and people in your local area and ask them to connect.

      Some of them my call you about your services just by seeing your profile. If not, just continue to build a relationship. Then you can send out messages to people asking if they need your services.

      This method has worked really well in my Offline business to gather leads. Just go at it from the perspective of adding value. People will respond.
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        Jason, should I set up a separate LinkedIn page specifically for the lead generation entity? I already have my own LI profile which I would prefer not to alter.
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